Chapter 12

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Sierra's POV

Sighing, I made my way inside with the contract in my hand. What do I do? Should I agree or should I just leave and depend on my brothers? Shit!

The contract is in my hands and I am a bit hesitant to read it. Why did he ask me to be his wife he can have any girl he wants. That is so frustrating. Let's just not think about that and read this god damn contract.

I went through the formal addressing and then turned to the terms an conditions.

Terms and conditions applied in the interval of the contract

●Moving in with Mr Delucas is compulsory.
●Continue working at the company is optional in those two years.
●Both parties should pretend to be madly in love in public including family members and friends.
●Miss Blooms is not allow to see any other man during the period of time of the contract.
●Attending events with Mr Delucas is necessary.

At the end of every six month an amount of half a million dollars are going to be put into the bank account of Miss Blooms till the end of this contract.

Is he nuts? That's a lot of money but I am not going to accept this. We seriously need to work the payment out. I feel like he is buying me. That makes me feel so cheap. Urgggggg. I need to get some sleep because I know that I will look like a mess if I don't go to bed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't have even the slightest sleep and I am lying on my bed with my eyes wide open at two in the morning. The contract kept on hunting me.

'The little girl walked to the river and glanced in the water. I remember this place. My dad used to take me and my brothers there to play. This place is beautiful. I could stay here all day and all night and not get bored. I looked back at the little girl who couldn't keep her eyes away from the water. I can tell she is mesmerize by the beauty of this place. In the corner of my eyes, I saw a chubby little boy with beautiful black hair coming towards the little girl. I couldn't see there face at all. I leaned forward to be able to see them clearly but everything became black and I was falling in a hole.'
Shit! It was that dream again. I was sweating hard. How can I make this stop? I pressed my head into my hands and couldn't hold back my tears. What is happening? I have been having these nightmares since the past few weeks. I need to talk to my mom or my brothers tomorrow.

Surely I need to get this out of my mind. It will go away. I wiped my tears and looked at the clock on my nightstand. Oh crap! I messed up. It's already 9 o'clock. I am doomed. "Crap crap crap!" I said getting up from bed. I ran into the bathroom and opened the tap to rinse my face. When I looked at my face I just lost all courage of going to work. I look like shit. I have bags under my eyes and I look so pale. Urgggggg I then took a quick shower and went back to my room to pick my outfit for work.

I saw an office outfit lying on my chair. It must be Noah who chose that. I didn't even know that I own such a short skirt. Anyways no time to waste so I was forced to take the neatly displayed outfit from my chair and got changed. The beast is going to flip. I am sure of that. I am hours late.

I was in the kitchen hurrying when Noah came into the kitchen looking like he just got up. He came up to me and kissed my forehead. I feel safe when he is near. The same security I feel when my brothers are around. Anyways he is like my brother. We spent so much time together. I just got lost in my thoughts. "Good morning love," he said all cheerfully. "Good morning boo," I said back with a huge smile. "I see you wore the outfit I took out for you. You look dead drop gorgeous," he said making me remember about being late and why am I not hurrying. "Noah you came in my room and you didn't even wake me up. Now I am late," I was literally screaming at the poor guy. "Bitch don't blame me you looked tired and I may be the reason for your alarm not going off. I turned your phone off," he said a little bit frightened about how I will react. "Let it go nah love, I made breakfast again while you were asleep. What is new about that anyways. Hurry and have it and rush to work," he said looking at mean. Suddenly, the doorbell went off and Noah went to check. "Where is Sierra?" I heard the voice of a certain guy who was stuck in my mind for the past few weeks. What is he doing here? "What are you doing here sir?" I asked him with my mouth full of toast. How lady like of you Sierra. "What happened? Why didn't you come at my place this morning and why are not at work? And why on Earth is your phone off. i have been calling you for so long," he asked and I could see that he had a worrying look on his face. "It's just that last night I couldn't sleep a lot and I couldn't get up this morning as Noah turned my alarm off and that's why I am now very very late," I said, more like rambling. "You look so pale. You can take the day off anyway we need to discuss about the contract," he whispered the last part to my ear because Noah was in the back looking at us. Okay that is very awkward right now. Noah came to me and kissed my cheek. "Love I need to go, I have errands to run and I will be at home tonight. No work for me so we can Netflix and chill like we used to do," he said while going to his room. "Okay boo, Love you see you tonight," I screamed so that he can hear what I said. Then I remembered that the beast was still here. He looked a bit angry. "Are you sure that you guys are not dating or something?" he said a bit irritated. Why is he irritated anyways? "Okay sir, I will be leaving, See you at the office," I said trying to get away from him because I started to get very affected by his presence. As I was picking up my bag but I turned to look at him when he got hold of my wrist. "I said take your day off, we need to talk about the contract," he is starting to annoy the hell out of me. Calm down Sierra you need this job. You can't go back now so don't make him angry. He will kick you out and then you won't have any job anywhere. If I get fired I will have to return to California and my dad will be like I told you that you need us. I need to be independent. At that moment I saw him snap his fingers in front of me. I guess I zoned out. "Sierra are you okay?" he asked with both of his hands on my shoulders. It was sending electric feelings down my spin. "Yes I am fine sir. And about the contract you don't even know my answer to it yet," I said waiting for his reaction. He looked taken aback by my words but quickly recovered. "I already told you if you disagree with me I will fire you and make sure you do not get any job anywhere in New York," he said angry that I was defying him. "I accept your offer," I said and looked at him. "Woman I said you won't find- What you agree?" He started his sentence sounding very annoyed but was shocked when he realized what my answer were. I simply nodded. "By the way you look gorgeous Sierra," he said winking at me while looking at me up and down. I couldn't hide my blush.

We are now in the living room with the beast sitting in front of me who had his signature smirk on his face. "I wish I could smack that smirk out of his face. It's so irritating," I whispered to myself. "You said something Sierra?" he asked looking a bit amused. I just shook my head. "I see that you put in a condition that during the contract I will be getting half a million dollars every six month," he looked at me and nodded. "Well first off remove this clause because I am not doing this for money okay I just need this job and I really don't need your money." He looked a bit hurt when I said the last part. Why? "Okay I will change that and bring the new contract tomorrow, now let's go and grab lunch we need to talk about the things like how we met and all the stuff and can you please go and change ," he said while taking my hand. I looked at our intertwined hands and noticed that my hand fit his perfectly as if they were made for each other. I asked him why I should change and he just told me that he doesn't want other guys to be ogling at me. But why would that even bother him, never-mind. I just went to change my clothes and got into a more comfortable and more like my kind of clothes.

While walking towards his gorgeous Bentley I remembered about something. "I almost forgot, remove the condition that says to move in with you before our fake marriage," I said. It hurts so bad when I say fake marriage I don't even know why. "This point is not up for debate Sierra so do not push it. You will be moving in with me and that too in the end of this week," he said in his serious and business tone. I can't ignore the way that my name sound when he say it. He has that sexy Italian accent that can make any girl go crazy for him. I myself cannot fight the feelings that I am having for him. Urggggg "Sierra you zoned out again. By the way the meeting for Italy is for this weekend so you will have to move in quite quickly. I hope you finished packing because maybe we will be going there earlier than scheduled," he said totally changing the topic without me even noticing. I am such an idiot. I sat in the car occasionally glancing at him once in a while with him humming Symphony(song above) playing. His beautiful voice. He is really perfect I just want to grab his gorgeous face and devour his delicious looking lips. There were butterflies in my stomach remembering of the kiss of last night itself. He looked like a piece of art. His sharp jawlines made my hands itch to touch them. I then turned my head towards and put my head against the window and dozed off. I feel like things are going to get complicated.


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