Chapter 13

Alexander's POV

I have been a bit grumpy since the morning. The coffee I got this morning was definitely not her who made it. When she made my coffee it has something special and that is why I want her and only her to make my coffee. To top it off, I know that there is a huge possibility that Sierra doesn't agree with the contract and leave my company and return to her parents. I need her. NO I want her and I always get what I want. A bit later in the morning I came to know that Sierra didn't come at the mansion and that made me a bit worried. Maybe she is just late. I love how her name rolls perfectly off my tongue. Every time I am around her I need to keep control of my hands because all I want to do is hold her close to me. I have noticed a lot of times that other men cannot keep their eyes off of her. I feel like ripping their eyes out. Sierra doesn't even notice them ogling at her. She is mine and I definitely don't share what is mine. Maybe she is not mine now but she will be soon. The attraction that I am feeling for her is something that I never felt before. I want to go slow with her but at the same time I want to make sweet love to her. What is happening? I need to find out about this. I remember dad told me that he noticed the way I look at Sierra with so much adoration whenever she is not looking. Dad said that I look like him whenever mom was near him. Anyways I love her feisty side. She doesn't like to be ordered around and that makes me want to push her buttons. She looks so cute when she is all annoyed at me. But also she looked amazing last night. She doesn't need any makeup with her flawless skin and beautiful hazel eyes unlike those models who cake their face with makeup. I always seem to drown in the depth of her beautiful eyes.

She is changing me and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. I just want to get to know her more and she definitely is not like the other girls who just throw themselves at me the moment they see me. I know that I want her to be near me as soon as possible. I remember how she keeps on staring at me every now and then without even realizing it. And the way she blush every time I catch her makes me want to just hug her so tightly. She is making me go crazy and I know it will all be worth it. She is worth it.

After some minutes, my driver came to my door and opened it for me. I slipped out of the car looking at my father's hard work that I am now handling. That would have seem to be something impossible to handle if I had not been coming here during my school holidays and get to know about this business. I feel proud of myself and want to make my dad more proud by winning the project in Italy. I need to get this project. That will be a major step for my company and I can't afford to lose it. When I got to the top floor, I was eager to see the gorgeous lady that slowly melting my heart. But as soon as the door of the elevator opened I saw that she was not at her desk. Maybe she is still late or maybe she left. What if she left? I went to office and tried to call her several times but her fucking phone was off. What should I do?

Yes I did it. I went to her apartment. She looks so tired and pale. I want her to rest and not come to work. So I ordered her not to come to work which she got to obey in the end. On top of this she agreed to sign the contract and help me and I was ecstatic about it but didn't let it show. Dad showed me how to mask my feelings with my expression as being a businessman, you should look intimidating so that people take you seriously. So that was a plus for me. She agreed wow yes she did. I can't help but intertwine our hands. It feels so good to have her like this. I caught her staring our hands and she blushed a little bit. That gave a strange feeling of satisfaction. I am definitely melting. I want to spend more time with her so I told her that we were going to have lunch together with the excuse of talking about our story ans she believed it.

During the ride, I could feel her stare burning through me but I kept my eyes on the road. If I look at her I know that I will be causing an accident. After some minutes, she leaned against the window and dozed off. She is such a beauty. She looks like an angel fallen from the sky. I remember that mom told me that one day there will be a special girl that will come and change my life, change the way I feel about life. I was still a little boy then but as I grew up I no more believed in what mom said because all the girls who came in my life were after my money but a little brunette is making me change my mind about this. I still feel a little pain when I see her with her best friend Noah, they are so close and so touchy. I wish she could get this comfortable with me. I didn't realize that I have already parked and have been staring at her while she was sleeping for a solid 15 minutes. She will think I am a psycho if she knew I was staring at her for so long. Her beauty is so captivating so I can't help it. I gently placed my hand on her shoulder and shook her lightly. She slightly moved and slowly opened her gorgeous eyes. She looks so tired.

Sierra's POV

I felt a hand shaking me lightly, so I moved and slowly opened my eyes. I was in a very uncomfortable position so I sat up straight and felt a pain in my shoulder which made me wince. The beast looked at me. "What's wrong?" he asked still holding my shoulder. "Nothing Just my shoulders are aching a little bit, never mind let's go inside," I said getting out of the car before he even gets the time to come and open the door for me. "Sierra I told you that you should let me open the door for you," he said frustratingly with a frown on his face. He looked so cute when he was frowning. I went in front of him and pinched both of his cheek. "Aw you look so cute when you frown," I said and then I realized what I just did. I didn't know why I did that. Holy crap. He stared at me and started to laugh. My face soften when I saw his beautiful face, he was laughing again. "I am sorry sir, I didn't mean to pull your cheeks," I said feeling embarrassed. "You look so cute too but me I am not cute, I am handsome and sexy," he said with his signature smirk. He is impossible. Then we made our way into the little diner.

This place looks cozy. "Hey Martha, I am back," the beast told the old lady who was behind the counter. "Oh Alex, it's been so long. Who is the beautiful young lady?" she asked looking me. "Hello, I am Sierra, his-" "My fiancee and soon to be Mrs Delucas," he cut me off. I guess we already started the pretense. He slipped his hand onto my waist, was that even necessary? "The moment Alex came in with you, I knew that you were someone special. He never brought any girl here. Congratulations to the both of you. So Alex what would you like to have?" Martha asked the beast. "Give me the usual and the same for my angel," he said with a smile and led me to a booth. He called me his angel. As I heard him say that, my heart skipped a beat. It's all for the contract Sierra, nothing is real. But I remembered the words of Martha, I was the first girl to come here with him. It makes me feel happy but why? I am too weird. He got closer to me without me even noticing and slipped his hands up to my shoulders and started massaging it. "What are you doing sir," I couldn't protest any further as this felt so relaxing. "You need it angel," I heard him whisper near my ear. "You two love birds looks so cute together, this makes me remember when we used to be young and so in love like this," an old couple said while they were passing by. "Sierra you need to stop calling me sir. Call me Xander like you did the other day," he said with hopeful eyes, "And if you do not do so, you will be punished," he continued. "But sir-" I was cut off by his lips clasping mine. This caught me completely off guard. I didn't realize that I was responding to his kiss. He slowly slipped his tongue in my mouth and I thought why not give him the taste of his own medicine. I let him kiss me a little more and then I bit his tongue. He immediately pulled back and looked at me shockingly. I couldn't help but laugh at his expression. He now had that mischievous look. He reached for my waist and started to tickle me non stop. "Xander stop... stop...... XANDER," he finally stop and stole another kiss. "I didn't even called you sir," I said and he kiss me again. "But just did," he said with a smirk. "You are impossible," I whispered under my breath. "I know that angel," he said. Oups he heard me. After some times, our food came and I couldn't wait so I just dug into it. I noticed that Xander was staring at me. "What?" I asked him. "Every time I take a girl out they always worry about there weight and how they look and they always get the salad or something healthy," he said with a smile and not the smirk he used to have. "Well Xander, I am not like other girls and sorry if you don't like that your future fake wife eats way too much, I will try to change that," I told him honestly. "No I don't want you to change anything," he said while holding my hand. Okay that was intense.

We ate in silence and then started to talk about the contract. "So what is our story, how did we met Xander?" I asked looking at his beautiful blue eyes. "We met at my company when you came for an interview but at that time my dad was still the CEO. We ran into each other and you didn't even apologize for running into me, you just ran into the elevator-" "Hey it was't even my fault Xander," I cut him off. "Don't interrupt me angel," he said in a serious tone and continued. "After that you spilled coffee on me a few days after that and then disappeared again. Then when I took over, I came to know that you were my secretary and then we started to date and then I proposed to you and you said yes because we are madly in love with each other and cannot live without each other," he said waiting for me to say something. "So basically, more than half of the story is real, just the last part is not real," I said. He looked a bit hurt when I said the last part but he quickly masked it and nodded. "I will send my man to pick up your things to bring at my place, just let me know when you are done," he said seriously.

"So angel what do you want to do today? You probably will want to have some rest, you look really tired," he said with concern in his eyes. "No, I am feeling better, maybe I will just pack my things and watch some movies," I said while he drove home. He simply nodded. We finally reached my place and then as always he came to open my door for me. Then I went to my door, unlocking it. "Bye Xander," I said while going inside but he pulled me closer to him with his hand around my wrist. "No goodbye kiss angel?" he said with an unknown emotion flashing in his eyes. "Xander, there is no one around, we don't need to pretend anymore. you don't need to call me angel now." With a swift movement, he leaned down and took my lips into a breath taking kiss. What is he doing to me? Alexander you should stop, it's going to be over after those two years I know it. "I can call you what I want and I want to call you angel that's it. You don't need to come to work tomorrow as well so that you can pack your things and shift them to my place as soon as possible but can you still come to make me my coffee in the morning?" did he just ask me something and not order me to do it. WOW "I will be there at 6 in the morning. Bye Xander, see you," I finally got inside and peeked from the window and saw him smiling and making his way to his car. I waited till he drove off and then stop peeking. What is wrong with me? Why was I peeking? With that I went into my room and changed into my pj's and started packing all my things into many boxes. I need to talk to Noah about me moving out.


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