Chapter 14

Sierra's POV

"Bitch what, you guys are in love? Just a few days ago you were telling me that you don't need a guy in your life and now you are already moving in with him. What is happening woman," Noah started shouting after I told him about me moving out of the apartment. "Boo, that was before he asked me out and you know I really like him and I guess he does too. Anyways, it will be easier for me to work with him as I won't have to wake up super early to go there and make his coffee," I lied trying to make him believe me. I feel fucking bad for lying to him but it's not like I can tell him about the contract. It's forbidden. "Okay, if that makes you happy love, it's fine with me. Anyways, bitch you are gonna be staying with such a hottie. You are so lucky. How I wish that he was gay," he said with those dreamy eyes. "Oh my god babe you are impossible. By the way will you please help me with the packing?" I asked him with hopeful eyes. He nodded but he had that mischievous smile. He is definitely up to something. That's how we spent a whole three hours packing my things. I was so tired and so was Noah that he fell asleep in my bed. That makes me remember when we were in high school when we used to do our homework together. Obviously my dad and my brother knew and let him stay because he is gay. Anyways, all I know is that Noah has always been there for me and I have been there for him. In high school, there was a group of girls who bullied me and Noah took care of it. Despite being gay, it doesn't seem like Noah is gay because he has a very masculine character. Maybe that is why the beast thought that we were dating. 


I heard the door of my room open but I was too lazy to look at who came so I just stayed in my bed. It's probably Noah waking up. "WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING IN YOUR BED SIERRA," that was the beast screaming and that made me fall off of my bed. "Oomph," and Noah also woke up with a jolt. "What do you mean Xander?" I asked him still sleepy. "What is Noah doing in your bed angel," he asked trying to calm down and he helped me up. "He fell asleep last night while helping me," I said as if it was a silly question of him. He pulled me out of my room and caged me against the walls in the hallway and leaned towards my face. "You are mine and I don't want any other man in your bed other than me angel, is that understood?" he said with anger in his eyes. "Why are you overacting Xander, he is my bestfriend and he is gay. Besides I am not yours. You are unbelievable Mr Delucas," I said trying to remain calm. "Well Mrs soon-to-be-Delucas you definitely are mine and I don't like sharing what is mine," he said before leaning forwards and capturing my lips into a mesmerizing kiss. I tried not to respond but awfully failed. When I realized that he was kissing me when I just woke up, I pushed him with all the force I have. He looked at me with a frown. "I haven't brushed my teeth yet Xander and what are you doing here anyways don't you have to go to work?" I asked him. "Well I came to help you and then we will me leaving for Italy today itself," he said while walking to downstairs. "Wait, we are leaving today?" I asked with a shocked look. He simply nodded. How did he even got inside? This man is unbelievable.

I quickly brushed my teeth and took a shower and made my way to the kitchen. The beast was still here sitting on the sofa in the living-room. He never fails to make me feel get lost into his amazing eyes. "Done checking me out angel," he said bringing me back to reality. I denied and went in the kitchen.

"Xander did you bring breakfast for me?" I asked looking at the delicious waffle covered of fruits which are on the kitchen table waiting to be in my mouth. "I actually made it. God you look like you saw the most amazing thing in life. Close your mouth, you are going to catch a fly in your mouth," he said with a leaning against the wall of the kitchen with his amazing smile. How I want to pull him and kiss him. Calm down Sierra. "It's so beautiful, I am actually sad that I have to eat it and destroy this beauty," I said. He started to laugh and looked at me. "Okay don't eat it, I will do it," he said making his way to the plate. I immediately went in front of him, blocking him from reaching the plate. "No no no, don't you dare touch my food Mr Delucas or I will stab you with this fork," I said with a very serious look. "Okay, I need to remind myself not to touch your food or you will kill me with a fork," he said trying to hold his laughter. Realizing what was happening, I started to laugh like an idiot and the beast joined me. "Oh, I also brought you some flowers," he said grabbing the bunch of flowers lying beside the plate. "They are beautiful," I said smelling them. "Yes, beautiful," he said. But he was not even looking at the flowers but at me. Maybe it's my imagination. I finished my breakfast and then the beast helped me to packed my remaining things. "Why do you have so many novels?" he asked looking the five boxes filled with books. "I love my books okay, don't judge me," well I do get all defensive when it gets to my books. They were the only things that remained to be packed and that's what the beast helped me with. "Okay so all is done now, my men are on their way and give the suitcase that you will taking to Italy, I will put it my car," he ordered me. "You know Mr Delucas you could ask instead of always ordering," I told him while giving him the suitcase. "Well Mrs soon-to-be-Delucas, to get work done you always have to order people around and that have become a habit," he said. Why does he always call me Mrs soon-to-be-Delucas? He is only trying to annoy you Sierra,don't think about it. "Angel you zoned out again," the beast said frustratingly. "Babe, don't forget me okay," Noah said while coming into my room with opened arms. Opening my arms, I made my way to him and was engulfed into his hug. "Of course love, I will call you every single day," I said. "By the way I bought you some stuff and I already put them in your suitcase," he said and then went to work. I didn't noticed that the beast was standing there watching us until Noah bid him goodbye. "What's wrong Xander?" I asked him but he shrugged it off . He then called his pilot to ask him to prepare the jet for our departure and after that he left telling me that he is going to come back in an hour because he had work to do. So he left but not before taking a kiss from me, more like stealing. I mean I am not complaining but his kisses make me lose my mind and anyway our relationship is not even a real one but my feelings are real. You have to be strong Sierra. It will just hurt in the end if he come to know about my feelings. This is how life is, you don't always what you want. 

I am in my shower singing 'I don't wanna live forever' by Zayn and Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs when I heard the sound of my door shutting. It must be the wind and I continued showering. After an amazing long shower, I dried my body and wrapped the towel around my body. Opening the door of my bathroom, I was making my way to my closet when I saw the beast lying comfortably in my bed with his face turned my way. What is he doing here? "You scared the fuck out of me," I said with my hand resting on my pounding heart. "I told you that I will be back," he said and his blue eyes darkened when his stares were trailing down my exposed legs. Oh shit, I am in only a towel. I quickly rushed into my closed and closed the door. I calmed myself down and then decided on what to wear while looking through the bags filled with my clothes. Those ripped jeans look nice. I haven't worn ripped jeans in a while. Okay so let's wear these jeans and oh that off shoulder blouse is so cute.

I came out of my closet and saw the beast still lying on my bed. He looks so tired. He turned his head towards me when he heard me coming in the room. "Angel you know you have an amazing voice, you should put it to good use," he said. "Xander you sing way better than be do you even know that," I said while looking at him. "I don't sing in public angel," he said looking at my lips. "But you sang when I was there," I said waiting for his answer but he just ignored it and told me that we will be leaving as soon as I will be ready. "Angel let you hair down, I like them that way," he said and exited my room. This man is really something. He is making me go crazy. Urgggg damn him. 

We left my apartment and now we are at the airport with the beast carrying my suitcase after me and him arguing that I can actually carry my own bag. After a few minutes we reached the door of his private jet and made ourselves comfortable. I have always been very anxious during flights. It just scare the living shit out of me and I guess the beast noticed that I was very nervous as he was comforting me every once in a while. Before the take off, some stewardesses came to give us some refreshments. One of them was literally flaunting her big boobs in front of Alexander. Urggggg that is so uncomfortable that it made me forget about my nervousness and turned it into irritation. "What happened angel? Why are you frowning?" he said leaning towards me but I just turned to the window and stared out. 

Now the jet was taking off and I was gripping the side of my seats very very tightly while closing my eyes. "It's fine angel, I am here," the beast whispered in my ear and eased my hands around the seat handles. Looking at him, I saw him leaning down and took my lips into a breathtaking kiss. I will never get tired of his kisses I thought. After some minutes, I found my eyes dropping and leaned onto I don't know what and slowly engulfed by sleep.


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