Chapter 16

Sierra's POV 

The whole ride to the dinner place was silent. The beast turned into his business attitude and talked with his man, Mr Harold James. I was there just sitting and admiring the beauty of city at night. Everything was so beautiful. After a long painful silent ride, we reached the venue and the beast finally talked. "Angel during the whole dinner you stick by me okay, I will be introducing you as my wife and my personal secretary," he said and placed a little kiss on my cheek. That was so sweet that it made my heart melt. He is being so sweet that it makes me fall more and more for him. How can that even be possible? But what if he doesn't even like me? Oh no! "Angel, why are you frowning and you zoned out again," he said frustratingly. I couldn't help but giggle. "What is funny Angel? You wanna laugh, I am gonna make you laugh," with that he jumped near me and started tickling the hell out of me. "Stop... stoooooop..... Xander stop... Can't breathe," I was nearly choking and now it was his turn laughing. I looked at his with a frowning face. "You have to admit that this was actually very funny Angel," he managed to say despite his crazy laughter. He looks so good while he is laughing, he looks carefree. I love that side of him. "I love to hear your laughter," I said absentmindedly. He looked at me with so much affection, maybe I am just imagining things. When I realized that I said that out aloud, I immediately tried to change the subject. "We should go, they are probably waiting for you," I said. "It is fine to be a little bit late Angel, It's called being fashionably late," he said and winked at me and then made his way out of the car. Then he put his hands forward to help me out. These heels are going to kill me tonight. I wasn't even going to wear heels but those look so nice with the dress. I slowly placed my tiny hand into his and got out of the car. As soon as I came out, I heard clicking and saw flashes. Okay the paparazzi is here. The beast held me by the waist and then we posed for a few pictures and got inside when the beast saw that I was getting uncomfortable. 

"Welcome Alexander, it's been so long," the man in the black suit who looked to be in his fifties greeted me and the beast. "Thank you Angelo, sweetheart this is Angelo Russo, the investor. And Angelo this is my wife Sierra," he said looking down at me. "It is a pleasure meeting you sir," I said and he took my hand and kissed the back of it. "The pleasure is all mine Sierra please call me Angelo, I can't believe that you settle down Alexander. My wife won't believe me," saying this, Angelo left us. "He seems really nice," I said and the beast just nodded and we made our way to the other guests. "Hey Alex, where have you been? Who is the beauty next to you? Hello I'm Leonardo Diesel," he said while kissing my hand. "Back off Leo, this is my wife, Sierra, Angel this is Leonardo my best friend," "Nice to meet you Leonardo," I said with a big smile. "If you ever get bored of him, I will always be available," he joked but I could feel the beast tense up. "What happened babe?" I asked looking at him but he just gave me a cute little smile. 

We have been here for three hours now and Xander has been by my side the whole time. I feel that the name beast is not doing justice to his behavior but it suits his looks. Never let's continue calling him beast. The beast just went to talk to a group of young businessmen leaving me at the table. He was so sweet that he made sure that I was okay to be on my own before leaving. He is just so caring. "Hello beautiful, mind I ask why are you here all alone?" said the very attractive man who came and sat next to me. I blushed "I am Sierra, the wife of Alexander Delucas," I said extending my hand to shake hands with him but he turned my hand and placed a kiss on the back of my hand. Every man here are real gentlemen. "I'm Damien Fox. Will you dance with me Sierra?" he said but I immediately shook my head. "There is only a few couples dancing and one top of that I don't know how to dance," I said really fast. "You just have to follow my lead Sierra, come on," he said leading me to the middle of the dance floor. "If I had seen you before, I would have made you mine before him," he said holding my stare. "I am going to take my wife back Damien," I heard the beast say behind me. Then I felt his hands on my waist turning me to face him. "You are one lucky bastard Alexander, if you won't keep her safe i might take her right under your nose," Damien said and made his way to his table. This is so irritating, they talking about me as if I wasn't there. 

Suddenly, the beast pulled me closer and we started to dance. "Angel you are mine and should show other man that you are taken," he whispered into my ears. "You are unbelievable Alexander Delucas. I literally told him that I am your wife but he ignored me no matter what," I said. As I ended my sentence, he crashed his lips against mine and kissed me with so much passion. As soon as he let go of my lips, we heard clapping all around us. All the guests were looking at me and the beast. "They are such a cute couple.... He deserves better...... They look so happy together..... He finally found his better half," I heard this coming from the crowd. At least some people were happy about us, not that any of this is real but still I wish it was. I was blushing so hard that I put my face into his chest. Everyone saw us. "Why are you being so shy Angel, now every man here knows that you belong to me," he said with a smirk. "You are impossible Xander," with that we went back the table and had a nice little dinner. During that time, people came and congratulated us on our wedding. I even made a few friends, Alyssa and Jade, they are the girlfriend of one of the best friend of the beast. Those girls were really nice and were constantly asking me how am I able to keep up with him. 

After the dinner, we made our way to the car. "Angel we got the project, Angelo agreed," he said holding both of my hands in his. "That is amazing congrats Xander," I said and placed a little kiss on his cheek. "It is all happening because of you Angel, thank you so much," he said and kissed me. I love kissing him, I think I have become addicted to his kisses. 

We finally reached home after a long drive and I am totally tired right now. On top of that, my feet are hurting so much that I couldn't wait to kick them off. "What happened Angel? Are your feet aching?" he asked and I nodded. I was now on the couch of the living room just relaxing for some minutes. "You seem really tired, we should go to bed now," he said while taking my feet into his hands and massaging them. "Wow that feels so good, please don't stop Xander," I moaned feeling the magic happening while he was massaging my feet. After some time, my feet were feeling better and the beast stopped massaging them. "You have magical hands babe, shit I mean Xander," I said while composing myself and straightening my dress so that I can get up but suddenly, the beast came and pick me up into a bridal style and took me to the room. "You know I can walk right," I said looking at him. "Where is the fun in that Angel." As soon as he put me gently on the bed, I made my way to the closet. I tried to reach for the zipper of my dress but I couldn't reach it. Shit! "Xander could you come and help me with the dress," just as I said that, I saw him leaning against the wall. He closed the distance between us and slowly reached for the zipper. I could feel his thumb running down my spine along with the zip. "Here you go Angel," he whispered into my ears and then left. This man is going to be the end of me. I bent down and opened my suitcase searching for my pj's. What the fuck? My pj's are no where to be seen but my suitcase is filled with really sexy nighties. Shit! Noah packed these. That little bitch he is going to pay. What should I wear not? Oh shit! This one looks not so exposing, let's just wear this one.

I slowly went back to the room and saw the naked back of the beast. He looks amazing. "Xander where am I sleeping?" I asked. He turned to look at me ready to say something but he stop when he saw what I was wearing. He looked at me from up to down. "Uh we will both be sitting here Angel. Come let's get some sleep," he said while getting under the blanket. "Xander I can sleep on the couch that is in the living room. It is fine by me. Good night," I said trying to get away from this. "Not so fast Angel, you will be sleeping here. Don't even think about going to sleep on that couch, you will end up getting pain in your neck. It won't even stop me from getting you from that couch and putting you here to sleep. Anyways you are a heavy sleeper," he said. He is right so just not to make this matter longer I got onto the bed and slipped under the blanket as well. But before this, I made a boundary between us with a few pillows. When the beast saw what I was doing he simply didn't question me and went to sleep. As soon as my head hit my pillow I fell into deep slumber. "You look ravishing Angel, good night," I heard him whisper but I was already asleep that I couldn't register what he said completely. 


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