Chapter 18

Sierra's POV

We are now at the hotel room and the beast was busy on his laptop. Suddenly my phone started to ring and I quickly picked it up seeing that it was my brother, Jayden. "Hey Jay," I said. "Hey princess how are you doing?" he asked. "Well I am fine Jay. I am missing you all so much," I said with a hint of sadness in my tone. "Yea right that is why you haven't called mom in so long. She has been complaining lately princess. And dad is also angry about you not calling," he said and that made me guilty. "I know, I have been kind of busy those days. I am so sorry that I haven't called. Anyways is everything good there?" I asked. "Yes princess-" he was cut by my other brothers. "Hey princess, how are you? You already forgot about us. You don't even call me... nor me," it was Aiden and Caiden talking at the same time. Those two are crazy but I love them. "Hey boys, I have been busy-" I was cut by the beast. "Angel who are you talking to?" the beast said. "Princess who is the boy with you? It doesn't sound like Noah," Jay said from the other side of the line. Crap! I am going to be in deep trouble if Jay comes to know about the beast. "Everyone calm down," I screamed. "Jay this is not Noah, it's my bo-," I was cut off by the beast. "Her husband," the beast said. Oh no! "What the hell? Princess is this true?" Jay asked. "Yes Jay actually we just got married. I was going to tell you guys but-" "No, how could you not tell us. We are your brothers Sierra. What about mom pr dad? They will be heart broken when they will come to know that you got married," Jay said and I couldn't hold back my tears. Jay never calls me by my name. They all call me Princess. Jay didn't even give me the chance to talk as he hung up. When I looked at the beast, I saw guilt in his eyes. It's too good to be true. My brothers are angry with me and it is the fault of the beast. I ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I will go back to them after the contract is over.

I ended up staying in the bathroom for 3 hours crying. The beast came a lot of times to tell me to come out because he needed to talk to me but I just pushed him away. This is not what I expected. Jay is disappointed in me. This was not suppose to happen. But still I stopped blaming the beast. I really am in love with him and he is also trying to make it up to me. He apologized several times. "Angel, please come out. I am really sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Please give me a chance. Come out Angel," he said and I could hear a hint of worry in his voice. I got up from the floor and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I look like crap. I need to fix this before going out. "Give me a few minutes Xander," I said weakly and heard him sigh.
As I said, after a few minutes I came out of the bathroom and I saw an empty room. "Xander," I called for him but no one responded. Okay that means the beast is not here. I went to the side of the bed and took my phone. Should I call mom or not? Will she pick up my phone? Suddenly my phone started to ring. It was mom. "Hello mom," I said waiting to hear her voice impatiently. "Hey my love how are you?" she said. Maybe Jay hasn't told her yet. "I am fine mommy. I just talked to Jay a few hours ago. I have something to-" "I know baby, your brother told me about your wedding," she said. "I am sorry that I haven't told you guys earlier. I was going to but everything got messed up. Mommy, the boys are disappointed in me. I could hear it in the voice of Jay," I said and a little tear rolled down my face. "Sweetheart, they are just being possessive. You know how they are. They are going to be fine, just give them sometime to take in that you have grown up," she said and that gave me hope. "Thanks mom. I really miss you and how is dad? Is he angry about my wedding?" I asked, a little bit scared of the answer. "Love he is bound to be angry. His little girl is grown up and he needs sometime as well," she said. At least mom is not angry with me. "Baby I will be waiting for your call. I need to go now, your father is calling me. Love you my dear," she said. "Okay mommy. Love you too. Tell the boys that I love them," I said and them hung up. At least mom made me feel better. She always knows what to tell me. That makes me remember that I haven't been getting those dreams about my childhood lately. That is weird.

Finally the beast was back. He looked tired. "Hey Xander would you like something to eat. I am about to order dinner," I said looking at him. "About that, Angel would you like to have dinner with me?" he asked looking at me with so much hope in his eyes. "Am I dreaming? You are actually asking me and not ordering me?" I said shocked. "Come on I am not that bad and give my answer," he said. "There's the Xander I know. And I would love to go on a dinner with you," I said and went to take a bath. Oh no! What will I be wearing?

After taking my bath, I wrapped the towel around my body and peeked out of the door to see if the beast was here. Oh he was not here so I rushed towards the door of the bedroom. Mission accomplish now we have to find something to wear. Turning to go to the closet, my eyes caught a blue box lying on the bed. There was a note on it. Oh there's my name written on it. Opening the note, I started reading it:

Angel wear the dress in the box and come to meet me downstairs.


That sound exactly like the beast. Always ordering me around well I am getting used to it. The box seems like from expensive shop. Crap how can he buy me so much expensive things. I opened the box and I was dumbstruck. What am I going to do with that guy for god's sake. The dress is amazing. But the front cut is too much. It's going to show my breasts if I make one wrong move.

But still, I have nothing to wear apart from this dress. Let's just get in this gorgeous dress. I threw my hair into a bun and put on some make up and looked at myself in the mirror. I don't look that bad.

Putting on my heels, I took my purse and made my way to the door and then locked it. I got out of the elevator and then saw the driver of the beast. "Miss Blooms, Mr Delucas is waiting for you the car," he said leading the way to the car.

Arriving to the car, I saw the beast standing near the car with his back facing me while he was talking on the phone. "Xander, I'm ready," I said catching his attention. He turned with his phone still at his ear. As soon as he saw me, his mouth opened. "You look .. I don't have any words. You are amazing.. No not you Leo," he screamed at the phone. Poor guy. Then he put his phone in his pocket and then made his way. He made his way towards me. He took my hand and then kissed my hand. He looks handsome as always. His eyes lit up and he was holding my gaze. Then he took me to the car and closed the door making his way to the other side. He then told the driver to drive. "Where are we going Xander?" I asked him. "That's for me to know and for you to find out," he said making me frown. "Oh come on Angel don't be like that," he said and that made me laugh. "But I don't like surprises," I said frowning more. "Angel stop frowning now," he said. We both ended up laughing. I feel so comfortable with him. He makes me laugh and makes my heart slam against my chest like crazy. I remember when I was little mom used to read me fairy tales. My favorite one it Beauty and the Beast. So she would tell me that one day, I will also find my prince charming. Then I asked her how will I know that and she said when I will meet the one, I will simply know. That is how I feel about the beast. But fairy tales will remain fairy tales. He might be a good person but he is keeping up with me just because of the contract. My prince charming doesn't love me back. That is life, you do not always get what you wish for. Despite this, at least he is pretending that he cares about me. I know it's all for the contract but it's good till it lasted. "Angel you zoned out again," the beast said looking frustrated because I was not listening. I must have been lost in my thoughts for a long time. We have already reached as the car has stopped. The beast was standing outside waiting for me to get out. "Wait Angel I want you to put this blindfold on first," he said and I started to whine. "It will be worth it Angel," he whispered in my ears while putting the blindfold. I have a feeling that this night is going to be a great one.


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