Chapter 19

Sierra's POV

The beast is leading me to god know where. "Are you sure you haven't brought me here to kill me and leave my body here," I joked. "Well what if I do?" he said pulling me towards him. "Hey I'm joking. Loosen up a little bit Angel and have I told you how breathtaking you look right now," he whispered in my ear placed a sweet little kiss on my earlobe. This is so tingling. "Stop you are to make me fall Xander," I said reaching for his face. "Nah ah Angel, I am going to always catch you," he said and suddenly let go of my hand. "Xander... Xander where are you? I am taking the blindfold off," I said while taking the blindfold off. Wow. This is so beautiful.

There is a trail of rose petals that leads to the chairs. This is so beautiful. I feel my heart flutter at this sight. I am speechless. No one has ever made something like that for me. Not like any guys were actually able to even talk to me because of my brothers and my scary dad. They easily got intimidated by him. But this is mesmerizing. That's when I felt hands slipping around my waist. Then I was enveloped in his delicious mint scent. I knew that it was the beast. "I hope you like it," he said still holding my waist. "No I definitely don't like it," I said turning towards him. He looked taken aback. Aw he looks so cute. "I don't like it, I love it idiot. Have you set this all up?" I said and a small smile crept onto his lips and he nodded then he realized that I called him an idiot. "Did you just called me an idiot. Anyways you are married to this idiot," he said. "Well it's a fake marriage," I said but the look on his face showed that he didn't like what I said but he shrugged it off. "Come Angel," he pulled a chair for me and then went to sit in opposite to me. He lifted the cover of the plate to reveal real beauty. There was grilled chicken, salad, mashed potato and a whole bunch of other mouthwatering food. "You should not pamper me so much. Not that I don't like it," I joked and he chuckled. This is so romantic. Me and him having a romantic candlelit dinner in the forest with no one around. He looks like a piece of art sitting in front of me with his killer smile which I guarantee make all girls fall for him. I have to admit that I am damn in love with that amazingly gorgeous man in front of me but I know that we will never be a thing because he just needed for me for getting his project and he got it. This date thing is all a way to thank me for giving him this favor. After all he is Alexander Delucas, known for being the billionaire player so I can't show that I have feelings for him. This will make it easier for me to let go. It was nice as long as it lasted. "Angel I wanted to talk to you about something," he said pulling me out of my thoughts. "Yea sure go on," I said while eating a piece of chicken. "Well I have been meaning to tell you this and I have been thinking about it since the day I met you. You are an amazing person. Since the day you came into my life, I have started changing. You helped me to also get this project that means a lot to me. Angel you have changed me and I want us to be real, t not have to pretend and let me tell you all this time I have not been pretending. I want to be with you. You always make me smile and I also feel like I have to always me because it makes me feel good. I need you to be with me every time. So Angel will you make be real and accept to be my girlfriend?" he said. "Xander you like me?" I said still shocked from everything he just said to me. "Seriously Angel that's all you have to say," he said a bit amused. "I mean yes YES. I will be your girlfriend," I said walking to him and hugging him. The beast hugged me tightly in return. We stayed like this for a long time. "Xander we have to eat now," I said trying to pull away. "NO but I want to have you in my arms Angel," he said with his face buried into my hair. "Xandeeeeer," I said and then he put his hand in the air in defeat. "Okay Okay let's feed you before you go all angry on me," he joked.

Dinner was amazing. I got to know more about the beast. The place where we had dinner was actually his spot where he used to come when he was little when he wanted to get away and relax. He told me that he never brought anyone there and that I was the first one. Also I didn't know that he used to live in Italy. Italy is an beautiful place. The day that we landed itself I fell in love with this place. The beauty of this place itself is breathtaking. We are now in the lobby of the hotel and we are making our way to the elevator. The beast intertwined our hands and entered the elevator dragging me with him. The door closed and the beast got closer to me. "Xander what are you doing? Someone might come in," I said trying to get away from him. "Come on Angel let me kiss my lovely wife," he said smashing his lips against mine. I moaned as I felt sliding his tongue into my mouth. After a long passionate kiss, we had to pull away to catch some air. The beast was looking at me with so much adoration in his eyes which made me blush. "It feels good to know that you are also affected by me and that I am not the only one," he said placing a little kiss on my cheek making me blush even more. "You are crazy Xander," I said. "Only for you Angel," he said and led me to our room.

The beast went to take a shower and I was getting ready for bed. This was just a perfect night. The guy that I love asked me to be his girlfriend and told me so much nice things. This sounds too good to be true. Anyways, I went into the closet, slipped out of the dress and was now only in my underwear. Well what sleepwear do I wear today? I was looking through all the sleepwear that Noah packed for me and realized that they were all too revealing to wear. I saw a nice black bralette. I held it up examining the lace on the bottom.

"I like that one but it will look better on you," I heard the voice of the beast which made me turn. He just got out of the shower with a towel hanging dangerously low threatening to fall and he was leaning against the frame of the door. When I realized that he said that he liked the bralette, I started to blush. Lowering my gaze, I saw that I was still in my underwear and nothing else. Oh shit, well done Sierra you just embarrassed yourself in front of the love of your life, way to go. I put my hand over my body trying to cover it but in vain. The beast seemed to be amused as there was a little smile crawling on his lips. "Angel you don't have to hide yourself from me," he said making his way towards me. There was suddenly something that was igniting in me. The need of him to touch me arose and him being half naked with only a towel covering him makes things even worse. I also got up and made my way to him and met his halfway. As we got closer, I placed my hand on his chest and kept on staring in the depth of his ocean like eyes. "I love your eyes," I said while running my hand up his chest until behind his neck. He leaned down and when our lips were nearly touching, he whispered: "I am all yours Angel." With that he sealed our lips into a breathtaking kiss. His hands slipped under my butt, lifting me up. I crossed my legs around his waist and he made his way back to the room. As we reached the bed, he gently laid me down onto the bed and then started to kiss my neck. "If you want to stop just tell me okay Angel," the beast said before trailing kisses down my neck. "Xander I need to tell you something," I said anxiously. How will he react when he will know that I haven't done that before? What if he doesn't want to do it with someone with no experience? "Angel what's wrong? Am I making you uncomfortable? Do you want me to stop," he asked looking worried and I shook my head. "Actually, I am a virgin," I said and then quickly covered my face with my hands. The beast seemed shocked. Oh no he is going to leave. He is already regretting this. Suddenly he started smiling and then kissed me really hard. What just happened? "I am so happy that I am going to be your first one Angel. I would have never thought that you haven't done it before because do you know how many guys eye rape you everywhere we go. Haven't your past boyfriends tried?," he said a bit irritated making me laugh. "Oh god no! You are my first boyfriend Xander," I said pulling him and kissing him. "I am glad to be the first and I am going to be the last. I promise Angel," he said before kissing me down the stomach.

That was the most amazing thing that I have ever felt. "Angel you are the best. That is the best night ever and I am still shocked that it was your first time," he said slowly falling into slumber. This guy is impossible he wore me out after 3 rounds of intense love making but I can't be made at him when he looks so cute in his sleep. I leaned towards his face and placed a small kiss and whispered Good night to him. Then I fell asleep in the arms of the love of my life. Life couldn't get any better.


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