Chapter 8

Sierra's POV

I am feeling much better now thanks to the beast. The medicines helped a lot. I need to thank him. But how? Maybe I should make him a cupcake at least I could try to make one. I love cupcake. Everyone love cupcakes right? He will love it. I am currently heading to the beast's place and I can't wait to be there because everyone there is so nice and not to forget the splendid mansion he owes. It's just amazing how rich he is. I am constantly remembering last night when he came with the flowers and the box of medicines. This makes me feel so good and I am not sure if it's a good thing. What is happening to me? Why not just enjoy what I have? Anyway thinking about the beast is strangely making me feel good. Okay let's get this day started.

"Miss...." I heard someone and realized that it was the taxi driver and I noticed that we already reached the mansion. "Here you go. Have a nice day," I said with a big smile while handing the driver the money. Nothing is going to ruin my day. I am feeling it.

I walked to the big gate and greeted Harold, the security guard who was a nice man and then made my way inside the mansion. I guess everyone was having an amazing day judging by their smile. Emanuel came to me and greeted me which I returned to him. Then he told me that I was not need here today. "What do you need I didn't need to come?" I asked him with a surprised look. "Mr Delucas did not come home last night so you don't have to make coffee for him. He is not even here," he said politely. "I am still going to make his coffee in case he returns and wants his coffee, I will be in the kitchen and I will also make a cake if you could please help me with that," I asked Emanuel with so much hope. "Okay I will help you and it's a good thing that you came earlier than usual, then we can finish baking the cake," he said with a small smile.

Well, that was something extraordinary. I just baked a chocolate cake with only the direction of Emanuel which was very helpful. I even decorated it without messing it up. I thanked Emanuel and placed the coffee and cake on a tray and decided to take the tray to his room for ones. His door was ajar and Emanuel said that he was not here so let's just drop the tray and leave okay. I pushed the door and what I saw made me feel nauseous. There was a naked girl next to Alexander and both of them were sleeping but suddenly Alexander started to move. So I quickly placed the tray on the table in his room and left as soon as possible. I felt a little squeeze in my heart when I saw there was girl there. SHE WAS NAKED. That is the first time that this is happening to me. I feel like someone snatched my heart from my chest. It hurts.

I quickly made my way out of the mansion after saying bye to Emanuel and went to work directly. I need to forget about that. I am in love. I know it and the person I love just slept with another girl. I mean he has all the rights to do it, it's just my fault. I knew he was a player but still let myself fall for him.

After a few hours, the beast finally came to work. Maybe he was still having fun with that girl. Urgggggg. He came and greeted me. He looked sick in some way. Maybe he is sick. I need to ask him. "Sir, are you alright?" I asked with a low voice. "I don't need to tell you how I am feeling Miss Blooms. Mind your own business," he said angrily. That was the limit. "I AM TRYING TO BE NICE AND YOU COULD AT LEAST BE HAPPY THAT AT LEAST SOMEONE IS WORRYING ABOUT YOU BEAST," I yelled and that came out more harshly than I expected and i even called him beast. Shit what have I done. He noticed that I regretted what I said as he walked towards me very swiftly caging be between his arms and the wall. He lean so as our faces were a few centimeters away. I couldn't help but look at his delicious looking lips. How bad I want to kiss him. Sierra he slept with a girl this morning and he is a player. You should stop.

"You like what you see Sierra?" he asked with a grin on his face. My name sound so good when he says it. "Sierra Sierra Sierra, you don't know what you just got yourself into. That's right I am the beast," with that he lean further down and captured my lips. The moment his lips touched mine, I felt as if I was in another world. I was totally lost in that kiss and didn't realize that I was responding. He just took away my first kiss. Alexander Delucas is my first kiss. I need to stop this so I pushed him and breaking the kiss. He looked as if he was angry that I broke the kiss but he immediately masked it. The only reaction that I had was to slap him. Raising my hand, I went to slap him but my palm never reached his cheek as he got hold of my wrist and pulled me close to him. "Does your boyfriend kiss you like that huh?" he asked and his eyes were completely dark. Boyfriend??? What Boyfriend? Before I could even react to what he just said, he said: "Anyways, I am leaving early today. I am not feeling well and don't think that you are going to be free. I am leaving a bunch of documents that needs to be sorted." He is unbelievable. He said that as if I would be taking advantage of his absence. And how could he act like that just after kissing me. That Beast! Urgggg. With that he left, not even letting me answer. Anyways, he said he is not feeling well. That got me worried. Shit! I can't help it, I am getting worried for him. Sierra get this straight, you cannot love him. He will break your heart and leave you like that. Do not feel affected by his presence. Maybe I could just help him as a friend? Closing my eyes, I tried to composed myself and went back to work.


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