3 years later

Sierra's POV

I felt myself being pulled out of my deep sleep as I felt something wet on my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Kong with his tongue hanging out. I spread my hand to the other side of the bed to feel a cold spot. Why is my dear husband? I got up and stretched. Thinking of how my life changed through these past years, that brought a smile to my face. I met the love of my life and kind of hated his arrogant side at first. Then we got tied up by a contract but I left him for some misunderstanding. I still remember how vulnerable I was when I went away from him but that made me realize how important he is to me. I feel blessed to have him with me as my husband and the father of my sweet children. After the birth of Alexandros, Xander was so happy and never hid his affection and care for him. Then almost two years later, I got lucky and got pregnant again and was blessed with another healthy little boy. Our little Alessandro Angelo Delucas who is now two years old and nearly three in a few months. He has more of my features like my hazel eyes and my nose but he got the dark black hair of Xander. My family is all I need : the love of my life and our two bundle of joy. Now I remember that last night I had a very peaceful night. Unlike Alexandros, Alessandro always cries and rarely goes to anyone except my brothers, me, Xander and my parents and his parents. If any other person wish to take him in their arms, he will always end up crying. Talking about them where are they? 

I brushed my teeth and washed my face then made my way downstairs. "Daddy come on make it fast. Mommy is going to be up soon," I heard my 5 years old son say. "Don't make so much noise Xandros, now surely mommy is going to wake up," Xander said in a low voice. Suddenly I heard Alessandro squeal and then heard his clapping of hands. "Yes Sandro, mommy is going to be up so don't make too much noise," my dear husband hushed. This just feels so nice to have this in my life. I silently made my way to the door of the kitchen and leaned against the island looking at my boys at the stove. They have not noticed me yet. They are so cute together. "Mama," I heard Alessandro scream as he saw me. Then Xander and Xandros turned to look at me. "Good morning boys," I said with a radiant smile. "Good morning Mommy," Xandros said coming to me and hugging me. "You slept well baby?" I asked Xandros and he nodded. I put him on his chair and made my way to my handsome husband. "Good morning Angel," he said before placing a kiss on my forehead and going back to the cooking. "This is smelling so good," I said looking at him flipping the egg. "Are you feeling better love?" he asked and I nodded and went to Alessandro to play with him. "Hey sweetie," I said dropping a little kiss on his little chubby cheeks. He giggled and started pulling a strand of my hair. He suddenly pulls on hardly. "Ouch," I let out. Xander suddenly turns as he finish making breakfast. "Sandro don't do this. It hurts Mommy," Xander said making his way to me and taking Alessandro from me. "Xandros get back on the chair, you need to have your breakfast. Aunt Kayla will be here in an hour or so," I told him and he hurried back to the chair with Kong trailing behind him. Today actually Kayla and Ron decided to take the children to a park along with Kayla's parents who are in town so me and my husband will be able to get to spend some time together. "Xander thank you so much for the breakfast my love," I said blowing him a kiss. "Anything for you Angel," he said as he catch the imaginary flying kiss. This man is everything. 

After the kids left, we went to relax in the bathtub for a long time and enjoyed the amazing relaxing bubble bath. A delicious lunch followed accompanied by a mouthwatering dessert. As we finished our desserts, I looked at Xander and thought that it was the best time to announce him the news. "Baby I need to tell you something," I told him as he turned to look at me. "You want to tell me that you love me to the moon and back," he said smiling sheepishly. "I am being serious Xander," I snapped at him unknowingly. "Okay okay go on," he said with his hands raised in surrender. That was a sight. "Sorry, you know that I have been sick lately right?" I asked him and he nodded suspiciously. "Well we need to get ready to welcome another member to the family," I whispered in his ear and he sat there frozen. "Xander," I said waving my hand in front of him to see if he responds. "We are pregnant," he screamed as he stood up. "Xander I am pregnant not you," I said as he lifts me in his arms and swings me around. "No we are pregnant. We are going to have another baby. Thank you so much my love. You are the best," he said before crashing his lips against mine. At that time no words were needed. Everything I had was worth all the steps I chose. "I love you Angel," he said against my lips making me smile. "I love you too," I said as we pulled away to grasp some air. This man always got me breathless I thought. "I have a feeling that this time we are going to be welcoming a little princess," I said as I stroked my still flat belly. "How can you be so sure love?" he asked placing a kiss on my forehead. "My motherly instinct makes me feel so and it was right when I said we were getting boys the first two times anyways," I said meeting his gaze. "Anyways thank you for giving such beautiful children my love. I cannot imagine my life without you," he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me up and taking us to our room. This is going to be a long day. 

The End


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