Chapter 1: The Ghost

Your pov:
You were waiting for your train, when a misterious man appeared on the tracks. The train came rushing down the path and the man didn't move.

"Hey! Get out of there!" You called as the train got closer. But he didn't even move a muscle, he stood staring at you and slightly waved. The train zoomed past and you expected to see a body as soon as the train disappeared. But somehow the man was no longer there. "Wait, what the fuck?!" Everyone stared at you weirdly. You shook your head and borded the train that was now infront of you.

'The train came and when it passed he was...gone...?' You thought as you waited for your stop. Your stop finally came and got off of the train. As you were walking home, you thought you saw the same man from earlier. This time he was on the opposite side of the road. 'Isn't that him?' You then realized that you were starting at him and focused your attention ahead of you. You tried not to look at him, but you couldn't help it. You turned your head a little, but just enough to see him, and he wasn't there. 'The hell!?! Where'd he go?!'

"Annyeong..." you heard a voice say behind you. You whirled around and saw the man you were looking for. Suprised, you fell backwards and landed flat on your ass.

"W-what the hell did you get there so fast?" You asked him.

"I simply walked over here. May I ask why it is only hou who can see me?" He replied uncovering his face. He wore a black scarf, black trench coat, black pants, and black shoes. "Ya, miss?" He said. You snapped out of your thoughts and said.

"I don't know...wait are you...?"