Chapter 3: Pack Feast

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I finished arranging all of my things. Standing in the middle of the room, I scanned the walls. It looked like two men lived here, and I was completely fine with that. The curtains parted, and Titus entered.

"Hey," he said with a smile. "Did you finish unpacking?"

Nodding, I went to him and stood on my toes. "Just before you got here."

He kissed me. Titus moved from my lips to my neck and ended at my mating bite. I jumped back and clasped the spot when a spark shot through me. I stared at him, confused.

"You're feeling it, then?"

"What?" I rubbed the spot.

Titus looped an arm around my waist and pulled me flush against him. Pulling the neck of my shirt to the side, he kissed the scar. My eyes grew wide, and I squirmed to get free. Titus just laughed, keeping a firm hold on me.

"Stop it." I spun around and prayed at his hands. "It's not funny. You messed up my body."

Titus calmed down and placed his head on my shoulder. "My healing enzymes react to my touch. Especially here."

I covered the mark before he could touch it again. "Don't be so proud of yourself," I muttered, glared at him.

"You're too cute," he chuckled.

Groaning, I fought my way out of his arms. "This," I yanked my shirt back over, "is a no touch zone. Got it?"

Titus just gave me a smirk. "Whatever you say." He held out his hand. "The feast is going to start soon."

"Thank god," I breathed. "I'm starving." I grabbed his hand and led the way into the hallway.

"A little werewolf enzyme and you've turned into a bottomless pit."

"Well I got that werewolf enzyme from you," I shot back. "So don't rub it in too much."

We entered the main chamber. Low tables run along the middle, and furs had been piled along the sides. Titus led me to the far end. The alpha and Rose were already seated. We sat down to his side. Storm was across from us chatting to her mother-in-law.

"Where's Darius at?" asked Titus.

"Problems with the middle ranks and omegas," replied Xavier.

I sucked in my lips at the word. Omega, I glanced down the table, but didn't see anyone I considered omega. I was the smallest in size. There were a few girls with hair the same color as mine, but they were clearly not omegas. I sucked in my cheek and kept examining the pack members.

"What's bugging you?" whispered Titus.

"Hmmm..." I glanced back at him, before continuing my search. "I just want to know what they look like."


"Everyone, I guess. I can't tell who falls where in this ranking system."

Titus slipped an arm around me and pulled me closer. "Everyone around us are dominants and their mates."

I looked down the line at a couple. The female had lighter hair than me, but she was ripped. Her mate was much smaller with light brown hair.

"The fur color thing is just for males," he laughed in my ear.

"My dad said something about that. It just seems weird after everyone been bringing up the lighter the hair the more submissive you are when that woman is clearly the dominant."

"She's a tough girl. She is a few years older than me and Darius. When we were pups Darius decided to run his mouth, and she beat the crap out of him. He's still bitter about it when I bring it up."

"How old was he when it happened?"

"Thirteen or fourteen. Bruised his pride a bit," Titus chuckled.

Leaning forward, I peered farther down the line.

"By them are the middle ranks and after that are the lower."

I spotted the small group at the very end. Darius was standing between them and the lower ranks. Clearly something was going on between them. They all looked terrified.

"Those are the omegas. It hard for them, but most packs send them away once they reach a certain age." He brushed his hand through my hair.

"Why?" I turned to my mate.

"Less likely they'll find a mate."

"You don't, though," I asked, peered up at him.

Titus shook his head. "My father believes in protecting all members born into the pack. Including the omegas as long as they remember their place, they can stay."

I swallowed hard and scanned the array of wolves one more time. This really was becoming more complicated with every passing minute. Titus and I still hadn't gone over the mating rules, like Peter mentioned. It was weird to me that my marriage had rules to being with.

Darius walked down the line. Everyone sat very still as he passed. He dropped down in the spot next to his mate and rubbed his face. "One day they'll figure out a pack feast means the entire pack. They can tolerate them for an hour."

"The omega need a proper meal." Storm patted her mate's arm.

He nodded.

I looked around at their faces. "Proper meal?"

"We eat in order of our rank," said Darius. "As leader, we make sure everyone gets enough, but the omegas just get whatever remains after everyone else has finished."

"Gez," I breathed. "Tough life." I rubbed my hand down my shorts.

"They'll be having prime meat tonight," Darius gave me a smirk. "You have nothing to worry about. I'm sure my brother will tend to you whenever you're human side get a sweets craving."

Rose slapped his arm lightly. "You weren't supposed to mention that."

I glanced at Titus, who was purposely ignoring me. Seemed someone had a little chat with his brother about some of my requests. I heard shuffling to my side and looked over to see Rupert and Peter. He waved at me with a large smile on his face.

Taking the spot beside me, he was beaming.

"Never seen you so happy before Peter," teased Darius.

The sub bowed his head, but still couldn't stop smiling.

Rupert sat down beside his mate. "Someone paid him a visit today." The scarred man glanced at me and nodded. "It'll be nice for Peter to finally have a friend."

I glanced at Peter. I guess Rupert did approve of us talking. It would be nice to have a friend going through the same stuff as me. My last ones were a huge mistake. Peter would be a fresh start. He obviously was excited about it.

I put my arm around his shoulders and yanked him over to me. "Yep, subs stick together. It's the only way we can deal with you lot," I stated.

Rose and Storm laughed as the men shook their heads. Peter was a mixture of thrilled and scared. He kept looking to Rupert for approval. Werewolf marriage was very different compared to humans.

The conversation changed to pack business. I didn't really understand anything that was going on. Mostly about scheduling hunting and border portal. Titus and Darius were both trying to find a way to avoid doing it. It was kind of comical watching the alpha reprimand his sons.

Food on large metal platers were carried out and placed in front of us. They started at our end and slowly worked their way down to the omegas. It was a large mound of meat. The outside had been seared, but blood had pooled at the bottom of the tray. My eyes grew wide when Titus picked one up and put it on his plate. It was oozing blood. I wasn't excited for this part of pack life.

"You're looking pale, Aden," chuckled Darius as claws appeared at his fingertips. He sliced up a bite size piece of meat and tossed it in his mouth.

"I'm used to consider this disgusting," I said lowly.

"Usually it completely raw," said Darius. "Tonight we just decided to add a little extra flavor."

I nodded and took a piece with my fingers. Silverware wasn't needed by the looks of it.

"Here let me get that for you." Titus cut it up.

Picking up a piece, I lifted it to my mouth. "If I hate it, you'll do one of those special orders, right?"

With a smile, Titus rubbed my back. "Sure."

I cupped my mouth and chewed. It tasted fine. It was kind of good actually, it was just the thought of eating something that hadn't been properly cooked that was getting to me.

"So?" asked Titus.

The surrounding pack member also waited for my answer.

I gave them the thumbs up. "It's good."

Darius pointed his finger at me with a piece of meat stuck to his claw. "We'll make a werewolf out of yet."


I was full but unease. This rare food diet was going to be hard to get used to. I flopped down on the bed with Titus right behind me. Tucking a pillow under my head, I turned to him.

"Can we get rid of some of these?" He tossed one of the smaller decorative pillows in the air. "I don't see the point of them."

I shrugged. "Just put them in a box, and we'll just get them out when my mom comes."

"Yes," he cheered, gathering them up and throwing them into the corner.

Shaking my head, I laughed softly. "We're keeping the rest."

"That's alright. The mattress was softer than I expect. Almost as good as animal hides." He winked at me.

"I'm with my mom on the dead animal thing." I rolled my eyes and scooted closer to him. He put his arm around my shoulders.

"You had a talk with Peter today?"

"Yeah, I don't really understand what I'm supposed to be doing and heard him next door."

Titus took a deep breath. "I guess we need to have that talk."

I rest my head against his side. "You're not going to like lock me up, are you?"

"Well," he breathed.

I gave him a confused look, but spotted his smirk. "Knock it off." I smacked his side.

My mate flinched and chuckled. "I'm fine with you hanging out with Peter. For your safety, I'd rather if you stayed in the cave when I'm gone."

"It's that dangerous?"

"A dominants' mate is a prime target."

"Gez," I said in unbelief. "I'm going to get kidnapped again, right?"

"No, you're not." Titus rolled on top of me and braced himself up on his elbows. He pressed his forehead to mine. "No one touches my mate."

I gave him a peck on the lips. "Really?"

He kissed me back hard. "Really."

Licking my lips, I ran my fingers across his back. "What else?"

Titus clicked his tongue. "I just need you to trust me and my decisions. I'm not going to be an overbearing mate, but when I asked you to do something, it because I'm looking out for you. I want to keep you safe." He kissed my shoulder.

I flinched and clasped my mark. "I told you that is a no touch zone."

"I didn't think it counted at night." He pulled my hand away and licked the mark. "Besides, don't you want to feel what it's like as a mated couple. We haven't been able to since you've been sore." He nuzzled my mating bite.

My breath caught. "This is going to cause problems."