Chapter 36: Begin

The doctor removed my IV and pressed a gauze to the entry point. I held it there myself as he stepped back to make way for Trevor, who stood wearing a suit waiting to take me to the ring.

"The drugs should continue to work until the fight is over. Then you'll be as good as new."

"Depends on who wins." I dropped my gaze to the floor.

Trevor tossed some black shorts onto the bed. "Changes into those. It's not only Bloodhound and Northern Ridge here, and we have to make it look official. I can't risk this dispute going any further. Some of these werewolves are a little too inclined towards the idea of starting a war."

Grabbing them, I sucked in my lips. "Whoever wins..." I whispered. "I really feel like an omega right now." I rubbed my face. "I have no say in anything."

"Aden." Trevor placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned down to my level. "Believe in your mate. Titus is ready for this. He'll win it for you."

I nodded, taking in a calming breath. "I'm going to use the bathroom before we go."

"Alright." He took a couple steps back.

Taking the shorts with me, I shuffled across the room. I closed the door behind me and let all my frustration out. Slamming my fist against the counter, I wiped away hot tears with the back of my arm. I wish there was a way to turn a werewolf into a human. Titus and I could leave this world. We could both go to college and be normal, but that was never going to happen. After washing my face, I put on the shorts and went back to the bedroom.

"No shirt." Trevor pulled it over my head.


He threw it on the bed. "They need to see these." The future alpha motioned to the bright red scars. "Let's go. We're already running late."

Ushering me from the room, he led the way down the hall. Other Midfield dominants walked with us in werewolf form. I swallowed hard. My heart rate was climbing, and I was starting to feel a little light headed.

Trevor moved up to my side. "Let me know if you're going to faint."

"I'm fine."

"I literally just watched the color drain from your skin. If it's too much, tell me."

I nodded. We stopped in front of an elevator. The doors parted, and we filed inside. I held onto the railing. My legs were shaking. I slid down the wall and took deep breaths. Whispering a prayer, I begged god to protect Titus, to please just let him win. The room stopped moving.

Trevor helped me up. "Are you sure you can make it?"

Forcing a smile, I nodded. "I feel okay. I'm just nervous."

He let me be but didn't move far from my side. We walked down a hallway. A woman in white left a side room. I glanced inside to see a bed and other medical equipment. Trevor closed the door when we passed, nodding toward one of his men. He went to talk to the woman. I glanced back and saw the werewolf herding her back into the room.

"Stay beside me." Trevor put his arm around my shoulders as we entered the ring.

Hundreds of werewolf in a mixture of forms were packed into the large room. I glanced around surprised by the sheer number of everyone there. It felt more like a spectacle than an honorable fight between werewolves.

"Aden!" yelled a voice. "Aden, sweetheart."

My head snapped to the side. "Mom? How? Who told you?"

"Xavier flew us in this morning. Oh, good heaven. Look what they've done to you." She tried to reach me, but one of the dominants growled at her and blocked the way. "Excuse me, but that is my child."

Oh, no way in hell was some man going to bear his teeth at my mother. Trevor yanked me back when I tried to get away.

I nearly fell. "Let go of me." I dug my fingernails into his hand.

"Knock it off," growled the future alpha, forcing my arms down.

"We're taking care of him, ma'am," said the guard.

"Like hell," she snapped, pointing at me. "He's whiter than a ghost and looks half starved. The only one who can take care of him is his mother, so move."

"I'm sorry I can't let you through." He put his hand on her.

I would have taken some extreme measures to escape if Darius hadn't appeared. He pulled my mom to his side and made a threatening gesture to the dominant.

"Touch her again, and we'll have a deathmatch of our own, got it?"

Nodding, the guard moved back.

Trevor swung me around to the doorway.

"Tell your men to leave my mom alone." I shoved his arm off.

"No one is allowed near you. I was very near to them on this. Your mother is not an exception."

"No matter what pack I return with, she's still my mother," I shot back, "and human. You'll have WIR after you if something happens to her."

"Hmmm...." Trevor didn't look fazed by my weak threat. He took a key from his pocket and opened the cage. "This way." Ducking his head, he took my arm and helped me up the steps.

We walked to the middle. He held me in front of him. A steady rumble came from the crowd. I scanned their faces and found Northern Ridge sitting on one side and Bloodhound on the other. They took up the first couple rows. The people behind them I didn't know.

The noise level shot up, making me jump. Titus and Jet entered from separate sides. Cheers and words of encouragement followed them to the ring. I watched Titus. The intensity that surrounded him was different than I had ever seen. The closest would have been when he attacked Chris in the woods. His muscles were straining and clearly defined even under his fur. Trevor kept a firm hand on me as the two black werewolves entered one at a time with a dominant between them. A team of werewolf stood around me. The two black werewolves went to separate sides of the cage. Their teeth and claws were already barred.

I glanced between them. Jet was bigger and taller. Could Titus do this? Even if Darius taught him all the dirty fighting moves he knew, Titus was still a beta going up against an alpha. My head felt heavy. I clasped my forehead as I broke into a cold sweat. My stomach started to turn. The future Midfield alpha looped an arm around my waist before I dropped. Titus lurched forward but stopped himself before the dominants had to do anything.

"A challenge has been issued!" Trevor announced.

The noise from the crowd died down.

"This boy has two mates." He turned slowly in a circle.

I was struggling to stay on my feet, but Trevor kept a hold on my upper arms, making sure everyone could see the redden scars.

"Both men want him, but one must die in order for the sub to live." He lowered me to the ground where I knelt, gasping for air. The drugs were wearing off faster than I anticipated.

"It has been agreed by both parties," Trevor motioned to the opposing pack alphas, "it'll be a deathmatch, an honorable way to die for any werewolf. With this fight, the dispute will end between Bloodhound Canyon and Northern Rocky Ridge. If for any reason this continues, Midfield will step in and fight against the aggressor." He looked between the two men.

Xavier and Oscar didn't reply. Their focus was on their sons.

"Then it is agreed." He lifted me to my feet and helped me out of the cage. Passing me to a dominant, he turned and locked the cage.

My mother wiggled through the large werewolves and hugged me. "Aden, oh sweetheart, you look so pale."

I fell into her arms. "How? Why are you here?"

A man touched her shoulder, and she slapped his clawed hand. He jerked it back, looking rather shocked.

"Do you really think Xavier can keep a secret of this magnitude from me?" She pressed my head to her shoulder. "I called WIR. I told them what was going on and they're here as well. If Titus doesn't win, we're taking you home," she whispered in my ear. Giving me a smile, she held me out in front of her. "You know you're in so much trouble for not telling me, right?"

"Yeah." I relaxed against her. "I didn't want to worry you, but after Titus wins, we'll stay the whole month of December."

"That's my boy." She kissed my cheek. "Make it the week before Thanksgiving as well."


Trevor handed the key to the man posted at the door and turned on his heels. He snatched my arm and yanked me back to him. "Mrs. Perri." He forces a smile and nodded. "I'm sorry, but Aden has to stay with me."

"I wish to sit with my son." She might have been over a foot shorter to him, but she held her head high and stared the tall alpha down.

"I can't allow that."

She smiled politely. "I misspoke. I am sitting with my son." She took my hand and glanced at the row of men sitting at the very top in suits. "Do we have a problem?"

The future alpha growled. "This way."

He took us to a boxed seating. My mom took one of the two chairs.

She kept her arms around me. "Good god, you're freezing. Is this who you treat your guests? Parading him around half-naked in this frigid room, and Darius said you were the civilized packed." She rubbed her hands up and down my arms. "Can't you tell he's ill?"

Groaning, Trevor forced a smile and snapped his fingers while making a threatening glare at one of his men. A blanket was quickly passed to my mother. Clenching his jaw, Trevor stood behind us.

"That's better." She put it around my shoulders before pressing me to her side. My mom took a deep breath. "We'll be fine. You'll see."

"I hope," I whispered."

The two men stared each other down across the cage. An animalistic, deep growl emulated from each of them. This wasn't going to be anything like a fight between humans. There wasn't anything slightly human about the way they looked at each other. Only hated was in their eyes.

"Fight until one is dead. Only then will it end." Taking in a heated breath, Trevor peered between the two werewolves. "Begin."