Chapter 37: Claw it Out

~This chapter has an unedited version with a sexually explicit scene, which can be read for free on Radish Fiction, or on Wattpad in The Nitty Gritty which can be found on my profile~

The two black werewolves circled the cage.

Jet grabbed the bars behind him. "Come on, Titus. Let's see how bad you want your precious sub back."

Titus charged. Jet took a swing at him. My mate ducked and punched the future alpha in the ribs. A definite crack sounded through the room, drawing an 'ew' from the jeering crowd. Jet responded by driving his elbow into Titus's muzzle. The two separated and went back to opposing sides of the cage.

Jet hopped around with a smirk. "That's for the cheap shot at the hot pools, right?"

"Not even close," growled Titus.

The two collided again. Jet's sliced into my mate's hip as Titus bit down hard on his opponent's other arm. Blood started to speckle the ground. I hid my face in my mom's shoulder, visibly shaking. The pain in my scars was growing.

"It's okay," she whispered, rocking me back and forth. "Everything is okay. Titus can do this."

I repeated the same prayer over and over, begging god to let Titus's win.

My mate slammed Jet into the cage and received a knee to his chest. Titus staggered back, gasping for air. Both were bleeding, but Jet appeared to be in worse condition.

"Darius taught you a few things." He wiped his muzzle.

Titus didn't respond.

"I can't let you have him." Jet licked his teeth, cleaning off the blood. "He was too good of a fuck."

A blind anger overtook my mate, and he raced across the cage. Jet knocked him to the ground.

"Keep you focus, Titus," yelled Darius. "He's trying to rattle you. You got this."

Jet circled the cage as Titus's stood.

"He was beautiful," laughed Jet, "with a tight ass."

My mate charged again. I screamed for him to stop. He couldn't win in this mindset, and Jet clearly knew that as he slammed Titus's to the mat. The larger werewolf climbed on top of my husband. A pain erupted from Titus's mark. I clasped the area.

"Aden?" My mother moved my hair off my forehead. "Aden? Tell me what's wrong, sweetheart." She hugged me as I struggled to breathe.

Something was happening in my body. I hated the feeling. I wanted Jet to die. I hated him. I hated everything about him. This horrid mark on my shoulder. The cheer from the crowd grew frantic. I glanced over to see Jet overpowering my mate, close to ending it. I hated him. My claws formed from my fingers, and I dug them deeper into his mark. Jet jerked back like he had been punched in the stomach. I'd rip his mark out before I'd go with him.

"Aden!" My mother grabbed my wrist.

I shoved her off me and clawed at my own skin.

Jet fell off balanced, and Titus took the opening. He rolled them over and clamped his jaw around his opponent's neck. Jet scraped his claws at my husband's sides. I dug mine even deeper into my shoulder. He gagged, and his head fell back. The black werewolf's body started to spasm before growing still.

A relief flooded my body and took the air from my lungs. Inhaling sharply, I sunk into my chair. It was gone. I could feel it. Jet's enzyme was no longer in my body.

"Open the door!" order Trevor.

The guard did so, and a team hurried in. They pulled my mate off Jet and removed the body.

"The boy cheated!" yelled Oscar, pointing at me.

The crowd's eyes turned to me, and the blood that covered my chest. My hand slowly dropped. My claws disappeared. I was coated in red.

Titus jolted the bars. "Aden!" He pushed a couple men out of the way and limped to the box where I sat. His wounds were quickly healing with Jet toxins now dead as well. My mother was pressing the blanket to the wound.

"Aden." My mate gathered me in his arms. "Oh my god, what have you done?"

"You won," I whispered, clasping his cheek. "We can be together."

"Yes." He kissed me and started to treat the wound.

"It was rigged from the beginning." Oscar marched towards Xavier.

The Midfield werewolves moved to stop him.

"The fight is done," stated Trevor in a tone that made the audience stand still. "Titus has won. No one, but him touched your son. No rules were broken."

"That boy." Oscar waved his hand at me. "I don't know what he did. They cheated. They planned this."

Darius stood. "That's the risk you took. Jet is dead, and more will follow if you don't leave."

The Bloodhound alpha back down. He looked to his companions and quickly left.

Titus turned to me and licked my face. "You're more of a mess than me."

I smiled. "But we're both still alive," I touched his muzzle. "So it's been a good day."


Our parents were in the bedroom as Titus and I laid in the bath. Even after the blood lose, I felt better. The pain had finally left. After taking a shower to clean up, we climbed into the tub to relax. I ran my fingertips along some of Titus's new scars. They were still red against his tan skin.

"They'll fade. Pretty fast actually." He sunk into the warm water. "But you..." He touched my clawed up shoulder. "What possessed you to do this?"

I shrugged. "I didn't want it. I don't know something just snapped, and it happened. I didn't really even feel it."

He grabbed both of my wrists. "You did a partial transformation."

"Yeah, I did." I gave him a grin, feeling pretty proud of myself.

"Do it again."

I fell onto his chest. "I'm tired. Maybe later."

He chuckled. Titus saw through my lie. I couldn't do it again. I didn't even know how it happened the first time.

The door opened slightly. "Aden?"

"Mom!" I glued myself to Titus. "We're not dressed."

"I know," she chuckled. "That's why I didn't just barge in, but how are you feeling, sweetheart? We ordered food. They have a really good barbecue restaurant here. Darius was in charge of ordering, so I'm sure we'll have way too much, but is there anything else you want?"

I sighed. "Whatever you think will be good."

"Will do, sweetheart. You two hurry up." She closed the door.

Titus rubbed my back. "I'm sure she's ordering something healthier."

"Yeah, probably."

His hand went back to my shoulder. "As soon as you feel better, I'm going to take care of this alright?"

I nodded.

"You're too angelic for something so grotesque looking." Flipping my chin, he sat up and climbed out.

Kneeling there, I glared at him as he dried off. "Have you looked at your back? I get one scar and it has to be immediately erased."

"These," he twisted from side to side, "are a mark of a dominant, and as Darius told me, are pretty badass. You on the other hand," he grabbed my upper arm and helped me to my feet, "are my pretty little sub." Titus put a towel around my shoulder.

"Jackass." I went to punch him and lost my foot.

Titus snatched me as I toppled out of the tub. We fell onto the ground, laughing.

"Well that was graceful," he teased.

"Aden," called my mother. "What was that?"

"We're fine." I sat up. "Just messing around.

"Aden Perri," she said sternly. "You are not well enough."

"Mom!" I clasped my face as it blared red. "I didn't mean that."

"Oh, okay. Be careful, sweetheart."

Chuckling, Titus hugged me from behind. "She loved you too much."

With a sigh, I nodded. "Way too much."

We finished drying off and put on our clothes. Taking my hand, Titus led me into the bathroom.

My mother was first to hug us. "You two look so much better. I'm really loving how fast your kind heals."

My father was also all smiles. He shook Titus's hand. "You did good." He put his arm around me "You're looking better."

"I feel better."

The door opened, and Darius pushed in a long cart layered with meat. "Food is here!"

Practically drooling, Titus left me and went to start filling a plate with his dad and brother. Storm and Rose weren't far behind. The werewolf in them was showing as they picked out their favorite kinds of meat. A knock sounded on the door.

Darius opened it and scoffed. "Princess, your food is here."

I went to take the cart from the maid. It was filled with fruit and vegetables. My mother started to fix a salad, even adding in some wimpy white werewolf meat she found on one of the platters. Taking an orange, I sat down on the bed. Titus came to be by me while everyone else spread out around the room.

"Want some?" I held up a section to his lips.

He took it from me and stuff some bacon in his mouth right after. I ate the rest of it by myself.

Titus bumped my arm. "You need more than that. Even if your mother hates how we eat, you're still a werewolf."

I nodded, trying not to smile too much.

"A month!" yelled Xavier.

"Week before Thanksgiving, and I want the week after News Years as well," said my mother.

"What am I supposed to do without my son for that long? He has responsibilities. He has training. Titus is the next beta. He has to start leading the hunting and patrol more often. Not to mention learning how to actually run a pack. Darius is the alpha, you do know that, right?"

Darius's mouth dropped open. "What does that mean?"

My mother waved him off. "They have years to learn that. Besides, Aden is my son. I give you practically eleven months out of the years. December is mine and a few weeks here and after."

"Karen," said the alpha sternly.

"Xavier," she replied in a sweet voice. "My baby has been awfully sick these last couple weeks. Titus as well. They deserve to relax, and this is a very easy way to make it up to me for nearly giving me a heart attack." She smacked the man's arm and pointed a finger at his face. "You are supposed to watch over them. I consider Titus my son, and I find out he enter some deathmatch, and my baby on his deathbed moments before I was happening. Do you know what kind of stress that put on this old woman." She backed him into a corner and was really letting the poor man have it.

Titus tried to muffle his laugh and glanced at me doing the same.

"She'll have him up to two months before this is over."

I glanced at the pair. "Maybe even three."

"Oh don't give me that," stated my mother. "You're not that busy. Thanksgiving and Christmas you will all be at the Perri household, and I don't even want to hear your excuse."