Chapter 38: The End of a New Beginning

I stumbled down the stairs Christmas morning with Titus right behind me, stretching his arms overhead. My mother had holiday music playing in the kitchen as she put a breakfast casserole into the oven. Xavier and Rose were sitting at the table with my dad.

Titus and I went into the living room. Darius was curled up with Storm on the love seat. Presents were piled much higher this year under and around the tree. Xavier had given my mother an unlimited credit card. A gift from the pack for all the trouble he caused for not protecting Titus and me properly. It seemed to help earn her forgiveness.

My dad warned him it was a horrible idea. She had already bought a new bed for my room as well as one for the office. My mom was also talking about building onto the house, since next year there would be more of us.

I sat with Titus on the long couch. He yanked me over so I was practically on his lap.

"Stop it." I pushed his hands away.

"I'm making room for our parents to have somewhere to sit."

"You're being a pain." I settled in by his side, but at least, I wasn't on top of him.

Darius started to chuckle. I glared at him. He just gave me a smirk and hugged Storm back against him, kissing her cheek.

Our parents entered the room and filled up the extra places. Xavier took a spot in the new armchair my mother bought for the occasion to go with my father's.

"Alright," she announced as Demon jumped into her lap. "Now that everyone is awake."

Their eyes traveled over to me.


Titus started to snicker. I smacked his arm, which only made him laugh harder. I wasn't the only one who just woke up.

"Quint, you can start passing out the presents."

"Wait." Storm stood and grabbed a gift labeled for Rose and Xavier. "I want you to open this one first." She handed it to her mother-in-law.

Xavier watched as his mate tore off the wrapping paper. A claw extended from her finger, and she sliced through the tape. I glanced at my own finger and tried to do it. Nothing happened, as usual. Rose opened the flaps and listed out two shirts.

"Baby one," she read. "Baby two." She screamed, causing the box to fall to the ground. "Two?"

Storm nodded, beaming.

Rose went to hug her. "Twins, you're having twins. I'm so excited. They're going to be adorable."

Darius sat up and picked up the box. "There's more." He tossed it over to his dad.

Linking arms with Storm, Rose waited nervously.

Xavier reached into the bottom. He shook his head with a smile before lifting out the remaining clothes. One said big brother and the other little brother. "Two boys."

We clapped and congratulated the couple.

Titus hit his brother's arm. "It'll be like us."

"Then you should be scared," stated Xavier.

"Very," I added, drawing more laughter from the group.

"Well," Darius stretched out, "Mom always told me she hoped I got a pup just like me. I might get two."

She shook her head. "I'll be there to help. Darius and Titus were the reason we didn't have anymore. My sanity wouldn't let me."

"Is that why Aden is an only child?" Darius said with a smirk.

"No, we just got perfection on the first try." My mother pulled me to her and kissed my cheek.

My face heated up. "Thanks, Mom."

I scooted over and ended up strung across Titus's legs as the three women sat down to discuss the new development. A shopping trip was already being arranged. My dad started handing out the gifts.

He placed one in Titus's lap that was from me. I watched him with a smirk of my own.

"Should I be worried?"

I shook my head. "Not at all."

My mate opened it and pulled out a large bottle of scar creme. "What is this?"

"Since you won't let me mark you, I thought this might help."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "You little ass."

I laughed as he attacked my neck. "Stop it. Stop it. It was just a joke. There's more."


"It's being delivered at the cave. There's a picture of it in the bottom."

Titus pulled out the photo of a smoker.

"So you can make your own barbecue at the cave."

He grinned from ear to ear and kissed my cheek. "You're amazing. Thank you."

Titus went and grabbed a big box. "This is from me."

I moved to the floor and tore off the paper. A new computer was sitting inside. "How in the world did you convince your dad?"

"It's more of a gift for me," said my mother. "I want you to send me pictures, and video chat. Especially when you start having pups as well."

I froze at the word pups. "Too soon, Mom."

"One day, it won't be."

Smiling nervously, I grabbed my gift to my mom to serve as a distraction. With a raised brow, she saw right through what I was trying to do. We finished up opening presents. The werewolves in the house were pretty excited about this Christmas thing by the end of it. The buzzer on the oven sounded, and we filed into the kitchen to eat. I was put on toast duty.

"Are my scars really that bad?"

I shook my head. "No. I just like giving you a hard time."

He put his arms around me from behind and rest his chin on my shoulder. Demon darted through our legs. "Next year will have two pups running around. I think it might get worse."

"Don't remind me."

My mother dished out the plates and passed them out. Titus and I sat at the counter while everyone else went to the table.

"When do you want to start thinking kids?"

I shrugged. "A year or so, I might start considering it."

My mother squeal, making me jump and fling egg into the air. She hurried over and hugged me. "You make me so happy, Aden." She kissed my cheek. "I can't wait. I'll get a grandbaby of my own soon."

"I said a year or so," I exclaimed, while getting amused looks from everyone.

"That's better than the usual no." She shook my chin. "I knew I raised you right."

"Yeah, he's perfect," said Darius with a grin.

Clenching my jaw, I stared him down. "Not now."

My mother patted my back and went back to the table. Pups were the main topic. I had a feeling they were always going to be the topic from now on when we were all together. We finished eating, and I led Titus up the stairs to the bathroom.

We took off our clothes to get into the shower. I pressed my hand against the claw marks on his back before putting my arms around his waist.

"Are you sure you don't have a problem with them?" He glanced back at me.

"No. If anything they remind me that you'll always be there." I pressed my forehead against him. "I'm really happy everything turned out okay. This year has been one I want to forget."

Titus turned around and cupped my face. "We've had some good times and a few bad, but I'm always going to be there for you. You're my mate, Aden. Werewolf can't get divorced, mainly because very few would even consider it. I love you, and if I have to add a few more scars to get that through your head," he gave that cheesy smile, "then I have a few empty spots." He twisted from side to side. "I think some of these are from you, actually."

I slapped his chest lightly. "Knock it off." I took a deep breath. "I do want to have a family with you. Even if I'm not ready for it right now, just know that I do."

He kissed me. "You know deep down under all that anger toward my brother and that red werewolf sass."

"Watch it," I warned under my breath.

He chuckled. "There's a sweet little angel." He ruffled my hair.

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head. "And as your charming brother would say, one from hell."

Titus laughed harder and pulled me to him. "You're a keeper, though," he kissed the top of my head, "even if you're from hell."


Thanks so much for reading. As you can tell this is the end of Hell's Angel. Hope you like it just as much the second time around as the first. :)

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