Chapter 7: Submissive in Some Things

"Here they are." Titus dropped a box with one stacked on top on the ground. "Rose had put them in storage."

I opened the top and started taking out the books. Finally, something else for me to do while Titus was gone. Not to mention most were werewolves themed, and it would be interesting to read about thing from their point of view.

"The supply truck just got here too."

"Okay, I think I got everything ready." I went over to make sure our laundry bags were properly labeled.

Titus walked up behind me, and I felt something brush against my ear.

I knocked his hand away. "Cut it out."

He did it again, and I snatched his wrist.

"I said stop it."

The man smiled at me. "You're really cute in this form."

Narrowing my eyes at him, I felt my ears lay back. "All my clothes are dirty."

"Then use some of mine," he teased, before wandering over to the bed and flopping down on his stomach. His tail flicked back and forth.

Cinching up the top of the bag, I stood. "You're twice my size. I'd look like I was wearing a dress in your shirt."

"Well, you could try walking around in werewolf form more often." He peered over his shoulder. "Then you won't be out of clothes. I still have plenty."

"It's too hot for that." I swung the bag around and dropped it. The air rushed out of his lungs, and he groaned.

"My mate just needs to buy me more," I stated, putting my hands on my hips. "Send for a catalog, and I'll even mark everything I want."

Titus rolled over and sat up. "Yes sir," he chuckled.

I grabbed the other bag and held out my hand for him. He hurried to my side, and we walked to the main chamber together. Peter and Rupert were also dropping off their laundry and looking through the stack for their bags of clean clothes. I tossed mine on the pile.

"Hey Aden," Darius waved and walked over to me. "You're mom sent you a package." He looked down the list he was holding. "And what is this about some last minute order of fruit?" He lifted up the order sheet and read the next page. "And sugar cookies, chocolate, what the hell is this?" He looked to his brother. "They all have your name by it."

Titus dropped his load. "He wanted chicken too, so be happy I talk him out it."

"Chicken," spat Darius, scrunching up his face. "Human meat, if it doesn't taste good raw what's the point."

Folding my arms, I raised an eyebrow and looked between the two. "I am human. I wasn't born with fur, like you two. I won't even be in his form," I pressed my hand to my chest, "if someone would've schedule the delivery properly like they're supposed to."

Darius rolled his eyes. "I forgot." He shrugged. "We were busy with Bloodhound. It slipped my mind."

"Have they left yet?" asked Titus.

"About to," Darius laughed to himself. "The old alpha slept in, or they'd already be gone."

"Don't let Oscar hear you say that," replied Titus.

I cleared my throat. "So about those packages?"

"Outside, there's a stack of them."

"Titus, we have three bags of laundry over there somewhere," I motioned to the stack. "Could you find them?"

"Sure." He squeezed Darius's shoulder. "And I'm so glad you're here to help me."

"Like hell," he snapped.

"Come on." Titus dragged his brother off. "It'll be fun. I bet Storm would love it if you found yours too."

The red werewolf grumbled and trudged off.

Weaving through the bags and people scattered about, I made it outside and spotted the stack of brown boxes. I hurried over and started scanning the labels. A letter was tapped to the top of the one from my mom. 'We love you, visit soon' was scribbled in her handwriting across the front. I would not be reading that aloud. I moved it to the side and searched for my requested items.

I found them.

'Princess food' was written over the label in big black letters on both.

"Darius," I hissed. I picked one up and could smell the sugar. "Thank god." Smiling to myself, I hugged the box to my chest. I couldn't wait to open it.

Xavier passed behind me with a frightened looking River following. The two joined Oscar and some Bloodhound wolves, before they all wandered off into the tree line. I really hoped the omega hadn't gotten into trouble again.

Stacking up my packages, I carefully picked them up. I could barely see where I was going, but making two trip when I could do it in one didn't seem practical. I stumbled toward the cave, nearly taking out a couple pups.

"Watch it!"

I swung the boxes to the side to avoid hitting the person and saw the top one filled with my sweets start to fall.

"I got it." A black, furry hand snatched it.

I put the boxes down and peered up at the man. "Sorry, I didn't see you."

Jet smiled. "I doubt you could see anything."

Biting my lip, I rubbed the back of my neck. "Yeah," I laughed softly. "I should have asked someone for help."

Jet tucked the box under his arm. "So where are you taking these?"

"Oh no," I held up my hands. "You're probably busy. I can get Titus to help. He's just inside anyways," I reached for the box. "Thanks for the offer, though."

He handed it to me. "You didn't happen to see your alpha."

I pointed to the trees. "He went that way with your dad." I tapped my finger on the box. "You won't happen to know what going on. Xavier had an omega with him."

Jet sighed. "My dad's getting desperate. Any mate will do."

"Oh, thank god."

The dominant gave me a confused look.

"The sub, I was just worried he was in trouble."

Jet chuckled. "Thought you might've been making fun of me for not being mated."

"I don't have a death wish," I retorted.

"How old are you Aden?"

"18, you?"

"If I tell you, then you're really going to make fun of me."

"I think it's a fair trade," I said plainly.


"Oh, now I understand why your father's concerned."

He huffed at me. "You're a little young when it comes to mating. How old's Titus, 24, 25?"

"He'll be 24 in a couple days." I glanced down at the package with my mother letter with a smile. "I'm going to throw him a little party. I know it's a human thing, but I think it'll be fun."

"I bet he'll like that." He folded his arms and looked me over.

Rocking back and forth, I glanced around. This just got really awkward. "What?"

"You not like a normal sub."

My shoulder rolled forward, and I felt my ears splay to the sides. "I know, the white fur a bit misleading."

"It's strange, though," he shook his head. "Red and white, most would just be a light brown. You're not as skittish as the others either. It kinda weird that you even have white fur."

I shrugged, not knowing how to reply. My fur was my fur, I didn't choose it. "Well I made a fool of myself just the other day, so I guess white it a little bit fitting."

"Hmm... or maybe you're just submissive in some ways and not in others." He took in a deep breath. "I better go find my dad."

I quickly held out my hand and put on an extra brave face. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." By his smirk, it was pretty cleared he saw through my act. "Bye, Aden."

I watched him leave and looked over my shoulder to see him join up with Xavier and Oscar who were heading back to the cave. My alpha pulled River forward. The poor omega just stared with a panicked look on his face. His expression turned to disappointment when Jet shook his head and kept on walking into the trees. Xavier said something to the golden werewolf. River nodded before shifting to all fours and running off. The rejection had clearly hurt him.

"Hey, Aden!"

I jolted out my thought and smiled at my mate.

"I've been yelling for you." He ruffled my head fur. "I already took the bags to the room and came back. What's going on in that head of yours?"

"Sorry, I got distracted."

"By what?" He took the box from me and sniffed the air. "Jet?"

I nodded. "Nearly took him out." I motioned to the packages. "They were stacked a little too high."

He shook his head. "Making two trips would just be stupid."

"I know right." I picked up the remaining boxes. "I'm glad you think so too."

"Hey what's in this one." He lifted up my mother's package. "It smells good."

I panicked a little. "Nothing."

He smiled at me. "Should I open it, then?"

"Don't you dare, who knows what embarrassing things she put in there."

"Whatever it is, it smells good."

"Trade me now." I dropped my box and snatched my mom's package. "This is off limits, don't touch it."

Titus gave me his cheesy grin and picked up the discarded package. "The moment you open it, whatever's in there is no longer safe."

"Fine," I said trying to sound casual. "But you have to promise me, that I get to go through it first. You can't open it."

"Alright, alright," he chuckled. "Just don't eat it all."

"I won't." I held the box to my chest. "But for reals, don't open it."