The perfect picture

~Readers POV~

I gently click the button and my camera snaps, getting a perfect picture of the New York buildings. I gently kick a pebble with my foot as I stand on the roof of my apartment.

The crisp air enters my lungs and I sigh happily.
Car horns and indistinct chatter down below is music to my ears.

I scan the beautiful view to find something new to photograph. I like coming to my rooftop to test out new techniques. I like to get really good at something before going out and doing it for real.

My eyes widen in surprise when I see Spider-Man laying in a web hammock that he attached to two buildings, lazily browsing through his phone.

I bring my camera up and snap a quick picture. Wow. There's something I never expected to see today. I snap a few more, from different angles.

As I look through them, I hear a soft thwip and I lift my gaze to see Spider-Man sitting in front of me, on the ledge.

"Oh!" I yell out in surprise, putting a hand over my chest.

"Couldn't help but hear your camera," He says, pointing at your hands.

I feel myself blush heavily and run shaky fingers through my hair,"Oh. Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I thought it would be ok to photograph you, since everyone does it. I'm sorry, if it offended you or—"

"No no no," He says quickly, sounding amused at my rambling,"No it's totally fine. I was just gonna say that it sounded like an actual camera instead of the ones on everyone's phone."

"You could hear it?"

He taps the side of his head with his gloved hand,"Superpowers. I can hear a lot of things. I can also feel when something bad is happening. I call it my Spidey Sense."

"That's cute." I smile. He tilts his head slightly and my eyes instantly widen as soon as I process what I just said. "Oh my god," my voice comes out as a whisper,"I can't believe I just said that."

He laughs heartily and shakes his head softly,"That was cute."

My cheeks flame pink and I can't help but smile shyly at his words.

"Can I see them?"

"See what?"

"The pictures. I mean, if you're ok with that."

"R-really?" I gasp,"You want to see my pictures? I'm not very good...I just started recently."

"Pshh," He waves his hand,"I'm sure they're great."

I swallow thickly and walk over so that I'm standing beside his sitting figure. Pulling up the pictures he lets out a low whistle. I don't stop him as he takes it from my hands, going through the pictures of him.

"Wow...these are..incredible."

"Really?" My eyes widen,"Are we looking at the same pictures? I mean, I can already see 5 mistakes I made with how I used the light and the street as—"

"No, these are fantastic." He cuts you off, the whites of his mask staring at you,"Don't be so hard on yourself, you've got a real talent."

Spider-Man just told me I'm talented. There's no way this is real.

"What's your name?"

"Um, y/n," I say, feeling a little dazed.

"Is there any chance you go to Midtown High?"

"No, but I have a friend who does. Her name's Michelle. Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering—um, but that's cool. Michelle? That's a cool name. Uh...can I ask you a kinda weird question?"

"I-I-I guess," my stomach feels like it's twisting, my head starts feeling light. I'm having a conversation with Spider-Man. There's a 90% chance I'm going to faint in the next few minutes.

"Tomorrow, if I come by, can you take more pictures like this? I don't wanna sound like a narcissist but I really like these."

"Yeah! Yeah of course! I get home from school at around 4:00."

"4:00 is perfect," I can hear the smile in his voice as he puts the camera back in my hands,"I guess it's like a date, y/n."

Before I get a chance to open my mouth he lets himself fall backwards off the building and flicks his wrist, shooting a web and I watch him swing from building to building.

Did he say date? Do I have a date with Spider-Man?

"What?" I whisper, as my eyes roll back and my knees buckle. I land on the roof with the camera falling on my chest, and it all goes black for a few minutes.


I go through my closet for the 4th time since I got back from school. There has to be something I can wear. I wear clothes everyday, how did I suddenly run out of them??

A huff leaves my lips and I just pull out a cute purple shirt and ripped jeans. The clothes I wore to school today were fine, but they weren't "date" worthy.

I quickly change and let my hair hang loosely over my shoulders. Talking a deep breath, I stare at myself through the mirror.

"You are going to be fine," I say to myself,"You are not going to faint like you did yesterday. You will be cool. You will not blow this for yourself."

Nodding softly, I take in the words I say to myself and grab my camera, heading up to the roof. When I get there, Spider-Man is already doing flips. He spots me and his balance falters, making him fall on his face.

"Oh my god!" I gasp, running over to him,"Are you ok?"

"Yeah," he groans, sitting up,"Yeah I'm fine. I just...uh, tripped. You look bea—you look nice."

My face burns and I fix my gaze at my shoes, smiling like a crazy person,"Thanks..."

He quickly stands up and brushed his suit off,"Thanks for doing this by the way."

"No problem," I say softly,"You know, I never expected to be Spider-Mans personal photographer."

He laughs and you feel the butterflies in your stomach just erupt.
God...this is unreal.

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