A big fluffy ball of sunshine

Cali's POV

You know that feeling when you wait the whole day to eat something and then come to know that someone else had eaten it? Nope? Then let me tell you. It Sucks!!!

"Mom! Jay ate my ice cream!" I shouted. How can he do that? It's just inhumanly.

"Mom! Cali left it in the fridge so I ate it!" He screamed too.

"Shut up you two!" My mum screamed back.

"You are the worst elder brother ever!" I shouted at him.

"You are the worst younger sister. Ever!" He shouted back.

"You have the worst personality!"

"You have the worst dressing sense!"

"You have the worst brain!"

"You have the worst blue eyes." He replied.

"Dude we share the same eye color. Ugh you are a total blond even with the brown hair."

Jay is my older brother, he's 19 as of now. But then too his brain works like a 5 year old.

"Ugh Mum am I the only mature person in this house!?" I said loudly, then left for my room. It was a nice day so I decided to take a dip in the pool. Then out of nowhere my phone started vibrating, indicating that I had received a text.

U rnt up to anything suicidal? Now are you? - B

Who is- OK how did he get my number.

So stalker how did you get my number? - C

Stalker? Me? Nope sweetheart I'm too hot to be a stalker, more like handsome prince charming. -B

Have you even seen the mirror? U r more of a goose than a prince. -C

Liar liar Pants on fire -B

What are u 5? -C

Nope. I'm 10 on the scale of hotness -B

Yeah, if u are counting till 100 -C

Why do you think I'm so bad? -B

Why do you think I'm suicidal? -C

Because I saw you, seconds before you would've jumped from that building -B

Ugh ur so annoying! -C

My pleasure. Anyhow you aren't up to anything idiotic, now r u? -B

Let's mess with him! Yay me!

Why do you care. -C

Answer. The. Question -B

I'm...... -C

U r what? Don't do anything I'm coming in a minute. - B

No. Wait. I'm joking -C

Blake? -C

Listen!! -C

Holy shit! I call him. But his phone is off. No. No. No.

I run downstairs and go outside, waiting on my porch for Blake. Shit if he really comes then...... But he wouldn't really come now would he? Ahh maybe he's just playing with me.

I laugh it off and go towards the pool back of our house. Thinking of taking a dip I jump in the water, and play my favorite thing of the pool. I went in deep and stopped breathing and relaxed knowing that this time was limited. It is really peaceful.

Suddenly I'm pulled out of the water. What the?

"Are you crazy? Now you go to the limit of actually drowning yourself?" Blake shouted. Wait, Blake?

"You- here? Wait. Drowning?" I ask, confused.

"Yes. Drowning. When a person stops breathing and goes in the dept of the water. That's called Drowning!" He replied. Now that I notice he is drenched in water.

"You have the worst timing ever!" I said and stormed inside. He followed.

"If I was even a second later you would have died. It's not the end until its happy." I jump on the couch, he took a seat right in front of me.

"Listen! I'm not trying to kill myself." I say, frustratedly. Jay chooses this moment to enter.

"What's happening? Hello stranger." He greeted and sat on the other couch. Blake turns to Jay and asks,

"Is she always suicidal?" Jay notices that we both have serious looks. So Jay being Jay replies,

"Oh! Do you know how hard it is to stop her from killing herself? She is always trying to kill herself? She doesn't even take therapies!! I don't even know you but please save her!" And just to add the dramatic effect he even fake cries a bit. Freaking drama queen.

"Jay! Why are you lying?" I asked, just a second away from attacking him.

"I'm gonna leave her in your guard. Please help her man!" Jay did a chocking sound and left. This was a proof that my brother is the most evil of them all. If I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Jay and I had only two bullets. I would shoot Jay twice. Maybe I should burn his hair while he's asleep or-

"Promise me you won't hurt yourself." Blake bought me out of my thoughts. He seemed worried.

"Dude. First of all you are not supposed to be here. Second, I am not suicidal! It is all a misunderstanding." I replied really calmly. But on the inside I was ready to kill this guy.

"That's what everyone says. But two days later you read in the newspaper that a girl has committed suicide. No matter what, you should not even think of killing yourself. Much less harm yourself." If I were suicidal, this would have affected me. But nope, as of now he's talking bullshit.

"Ok. I promise not to kill myself as hard as shit gets." I replied sarcastically. Which of course went undetected by Blake.

"Now that's the spirit. You wanna go out?" Blake asked happily.

"Oh! A minute before you were so serious, but now. You are a big fluffy ball of sunshine, aren't you?" I replied, and got up. Ready to leave. Not with Blake but to my room.

"Wait. Where are we going?" He asked.

"Not we, Hun. You are going to your house and I am going to my room. Thanks for coming. Please do not visit again." I said, with a sarcastic smile and left him there. Though I could hear the words. Said by Blake of course.

"So much for saving her life."


"Do you Dylan O'Brien take Cali Evans as your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked.

"Yes I do." Dylan replied.

"Do you Cali Evans take Dylan O'Brien as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Yes I do." I answered.

"Now I pronounce you husband and-" The priest says but is interrupted by someone.

"Stop! This marriage cannot happen!" Chace Crawford came in, shouting.

"Chace its all over. I have moved on and so should you!" I said, angrily. And moved a bit closer to Dylan.
"No!" Chace ran up the isle and moved me away from Dylan.

Suddenly Dylan looked up to me and said "Sorry." And then Chace took Dylan's hand and they both ran out of the marriage hall, leaving me alone on the isle, crying.

"I'm sexy and I know it!!" My phone woke me up and I see the time, it was 7:30 am. I could have slept one more hour but no Eva had called. At this ungodly hour. I picked the phone.

"Cali! Emergency!!! It's a level 8" Eva spoke in a hurry.

"Shit! A number 8? Wait I will be there in 30 minutes." With that I cut the phone and rush to take a shower. Then hurriedly, I changed into some jeans and a 'P!ATD' top. When I come down everyone was sleeping so I post a quick note on the fridge. I wore my black converse and took my school bag with me.

I then start walking to Eva's. Her house was just one street away from ours. When I reach there, the door opened before I could even knock on it.

Eva pushed me inside and up to her room. She looked excited. Inside her room, on the study table, was an open laptop.

She ran up to the laptop and showed me something. We were on Facebook.

"Eva is this the reason you woke me up so early in the morning? Really?!" I, all but shouted.


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