Little Red Riding Hood...Me?

Cali's POV

"Cali! Zac Reynolds is back. Oh my God! Another fine specimen to swoon over." Eva was jumping with joy. Oh and me? I was fuming.

"You ruined one hour of my sleep for this? You know what? This isn't number 8 emergency. It's a number -5. I will so kill you when you are asleep. I will tell Melissa to give you up for adoption. Or I can shoot you. Maybe I will throw you in the ocean. Even the whales won't eat you! How do whales even talk? In whalish? Or maybe Whalian! Ugh! You are so annoying. Now I won't be able to function all day, to add up to the mess. Blake Sanders is after me! And-"

"Wait! Blake Sanders?" Eva interrupt my rant. Oh no. I was so not gonna tell Eva what happened.

"Um... He wanted a pencil of mine?" I replied. Great Cali, this is the best you can come up with.

"Really? Cali do you think I'm an idiot?" Eva asked. She has the 'don't-you-dare-lie-to-me' face. I Guess someone is going to get in trouble.

"OK. OK. So..." I start, but am still unsure whether I should tell her about this. Cause knowing Eva, she would start shipping us. Or make me call him up.

"Cali!" Eva was impatient, that part was quite clear. Now how should I tell her that the person she obsesses over thinks I am trying to kill myself?

"So. Blake thinks-"

"Eva! Get up! Oh Cali hey there! Both of you get ready for school. And come down for breakfast." Mrs Hardin aka Melissa interrupted. She isn't even remotely surprised. She knows that I am almost always here.

Melissa shuts the door close and leaves. Eva looks at me expectantly, for me to continue. I sigh.

"Let's talk about this later."


After 2 starbucks and 20 minutes we had reached the school. Everyone was talking about Zac's return. Oh if you are wondering. Zac is the fifth member of the Troublemakers aka flower boys.

Let me describe Zac. Brown hair and brown eyes sound simple to you? After you meet this guy, brown will become your favorite color. He is above 6 foot easily. If you ask Eva about Zac then she will gush over and faint. Ok that was exaggerated. Her words 'If I had an option between Ice cream and Zac. I would choose Zac.' As if I would sacrifice something heavenly for any guy.

Eva and me parted ways to go to our lockers. I was taking out my books for first class, Chemistry. More like awful mystery.

"Please tell me you did your chemistry assignment," Jake says, while putting his arm over my shoulder. I take out a copy of my homework and handed it to him. I knew that he wouldn't do his cause he had a dinner to be at and party to attend.

"Your welcome for the thanks that you never said. So anything new?" I asked, as we started to go to my first class of today that I share with Jake.

"Jay told me about the visit from Blake. Is there something I should know? Listen Cali, you shouldn't -" We were now in our class and in our seats.

"Jake, please. At least you can let this-" The bell interrupted me, indicating that the class will start. 

"Morning. Please submit your assignments." The teach, Mr Johnson interrupted. So much for coming to school today. He was a grumpy old fella with a low tolerance and high temper. He sat on his chair and started with the attendance roll.

"Blake Sanders?" He called out. I shared quite a few classes with Blake and this was common. When no answer came back, the teacher called out again.

"Mr Blake San-" "I'm here." We all turned to see that Blake stood there with his hands shoved in his jeans pockets. He was as cool as a mint candy. The teacher? Not so much.

"Blake. You have scored another detention this week. Congratulations." Jake whispered next to me, mimicking the teacher.

"Blake! You have scored another detention this week. Congratulations. Now take your seat." Mr Johnson said grumpily. And Blake had a smug look on his face. Luckily the only seat left was the corner seat. An eye contact was made between me and Blake, then appeared the famous smirk. He made his way towards me and the girl next to me seemed to notice this too. With just a jerk of his head, the girl had gone to the other seat and Blake gracefully landed on that seat.

"Wasn't that fun?" Blake says from right next to me. I , being the intelligent person that I am, ignore him.

After thirty minutes of Blake poking me with his pen and me ignoring him, I finally pinched his shoulder. He did not even flinch. Made of steel or something, dude?

No idea why this guy was even talking to me. For the last time I checked, he talks only to his group members. Jake has now fallen asleep. For all I know he might have slept for like an hour yesterday.

"Sure. Go on ignore me. But the wolf will get you, little red riding hood without the red hood," he said and starred ahead.

"Red riding hood...Me?" I ask confused as well as insulted. That girl was so dumb, and me? I'm a genius. What? Don't laugh, I was not kidding.

"Oh so you are deaf as well as dumb?" He whispered, coming closer to me in the process.

"Personal space. Ever heard of it?" I ask and push him away quietly.

"I suppose this is a class!" The teacher shouted from the front. I just hung down my head cause it was our fault for disturbing the class. Blake didn't think so.

"I suppose not. Are classes supposed to be so boring?" He asks, just to spite the teacher.

"Well how would you know? You barely come to the class," the teach replies and a set of 'Oh burn' went around. The teach came up to our bench and Blake lazily gets up.

"Isn't it weird that even though I rarely come to school, I know all the rules. But maybe you don't," He takes out his phone and shows something to the teach, and all color drains out from Mr Johnson's face.

"Now wouldn't the school staff like to see this? I think I will go now-"

"Stop! Lets talk about this later," He looks in misery.

"I don't know. Cali, what do you think?" All eyes turn to me. Mr Johnson looks at me pleadingly. Blake looks at me mischievously. The bell rings and I am indeed saved by the bell.

"Lets do this later. Cause the bell just rang." I take off from their with the class laughing from behind. On my way I run into someone. And me being the clumsy me, fall gracefully on my butt. Way to make an impression. The other person barely moves. Maybe I just ran into a wall or something.

"Are you Ok?" The wall says, I mean the person says. I look up to see River Mancore. He give me a hand to bring me up. I get up by myself. Rude? Tell me about it. But he just laughs it of.

"I'm sorry." I say and go towards my next class.

"See you later. Tomorrow."He just shrugs and I leave.

"Cali! Were you just talking to River?" Eva shouts right beside me. No idea were she came from.

"No I was talking to lake." I answer sarcastically. Eva just rolls her eyes.

"I just got an invite to River's party. And you, my friend, are coming with me and Jake. And its tomorrow." Eva says this and runs to her class.

Oh hell no. I am not going to that party. But little did I know that Eva was forcefully gonna take me there.


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