Sanaya’s P.O.V:

“Jesus Christ!”

“Oh dear!” My mom placed her hand in front of her mouth strategically to hide her smile.

“Not funny, mother!” I snapped before turning to the culprit. “What the Hell, Mary?”

Mary looked at me from under her lashes, trying her hardest to suppress her own smile as she held the bucket close to her chest as if for protection. Lance however, was already on the floor, clutching his stomach and laughing his ass off.

“I just wanted to see if you were immune to Holy water…” Mary said innocently.

“And what if I wasn’t?” I glared at her through dripping eyelashes.

“Well, it was only 2% Holy water, so I’m pretty sure you were fine.” She offered.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” I yelled and it just made everyone laugh that much harder. “What the fuck is 2% Holy water?”

“Well, honey, that’s two cups of pure, original Holy water mixed with a bucket of water.” My mother answered for Mary while handing me a towel. “We don’t want to kill you honey, just…”

“No, I absolutely get it.” I shook some water off my hair before using the towel. “You guys just…wanted to kill me. You think I don’t smell the garlic, mom? And how you’ve purposely opened every door and window in the house to let the maximum amount of sunlight in? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a stake or two casually lying around the ground, ready to impel me in the chest.”

“Oh, come on! We aren’t that murderous!” Mary exclaimed with a hand over her heart.

“Oh, really?” I raised an eyebrow. “Then why do I see Keith running off to the lawn with a sac in his hand?”

“Alright, everyone, that’s enough!” Finally, Lance arrived at the scene, wiping away tears of laughter from the corner of his eyes. “Sana, they’re just joking, no one has anything harmful planned for you; you can enter safely.”

“There’s a baby in the house, Sana,” the new mom, Mary, reminded me. “So no stakes and we’re making pasta, so that’s why you smell garlic.”

“Fine.” I grumpily agreed as I entered the house with Lance.

Four years ago, who would’ve thought that Mary and Keith could become a pair? But after everyone found out about Melinda’s manipulation of him, Ace took him under his wing and him and Mary hit it off right away. And now look at them, married with their first child almost six months old.

I hate to admit but I am a bit jealous of her. She can have as many children as she wants with the man she loves, but I can’t. Because if I do, it’ll only result in bloodshed. Because immortals have one absolute law, no hybrids allowed.

But I can be with Lance now! Forever! That’s more than enough for me.
I changed into another dress that Lance had strategically brought along with him, that goes to suggest that he already knew about the pranks that my mom and best friend were about to play on me. As for the occasion, it was Mary and Keith’s first second wedding anniversary, but it was also my first time meeting them since I became a vampire.

I hadn’t realized that being a vampire could be so difficult. And since there was no other vampire around, Erick had to send one of his people here who could teach me the pros and cons of being a vampire. Not to mention, I had a bad case of blood lust. I couldn’t be near any human being for over two years without wanting to rip their veins out first. But I couldn’t have done it without Lance. He’d been with me all this time, supporting me through my toughest of times and making sure, I didn’t hurt myself or someone else. If possible, I feel like I love him even more now.

“Hey Sana! Come on over, food’s getting cold!” Mary yelled from the dining room as soon as I came out of the bathroom.

“Coming!” I called out before heading to the dining room using my vampire speed.

“Whoa!” Keith clapped his hands. “That was freaking awesome!”

“Yup. No wonder you don’t visit us mere mortals any longer.” My mother sighed dramatically.

We had to inform her about vampires and incubi soon after I came back from Shadowland. She had a hard time believing us at first but she soon got used to the supernatural all around us. The hardest part that she had to deal with was knowing that father was alive; but their relationship was far beyond repair at this point. Mom wanted nothing to do with him, especially after knowing that he had a long-term relationship with another fellow hunter.

Today, as I joined my family for brunch, I was happy to know that at this moment, I had the best of both worlds. My human family was as much a part of my life as was my immortal family. It was surprising but the King and Queen were actually a lot accepting of me than I had expected them to be. But the happiness and peace won’t last forever. As an immortal, I’ll soon outlive everyone I’d ever known and loved, it was a price I had to pay to become immortal. But more than that, I lived in constant worry about what would happen if people found out that their would be King, Lancelin, was with a vampire.

But of that, another day. For now, I was content sitting next to the love of my life and my mother and best friends, eating pasta with too much garlic with a newborn’s happy cries in the background.

-------------------the end-------------------