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I searched in net, for a nearest spa...and landed up on the one calm act. I found the spa interesting and booked for the next day. Ah I need to sleep. Stretching my arms I lied down on the bed as a log.
The next day morning awakened me with the boring alarm..I took a bath and had a cup of coffee and left for the spa. I was in my comfortable ones.
As I reached the spa I couldn't deny the cozy and warm feeling of the area.
I reached the reception..
Hello, I had a booking done for today in the name of Martina Kol.
"Oh yes mam.pls sit for a while. I will send the Scott now."

After two minutes she came along with a hot young man.I was awestruck. I never expected a f*cing Greek God to be my excort.
I only realised that I was eyeraping him until he clicked his hands in front of my face.
"Hi , miss Martina . I am Ken and will be your massager for today."
I replied with a sly smile and nod.
He escorted me to an inner room. The room was so spacious and the walls were of sparkling white colour, much of my like. And out of nowhere I was embraced in large warm arms. I couldn't help but I hugged him back since it was so pleasing.

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