I'm seating nervously at the leather couch while I'm waiting for my name to be called.

"I assume that you are Ms. Mia Lopez?"
A middle aged woman is standing infront of me. Her auburn her is in a neat bun and her eye glasses is hanging at the bridge of her nose.

"Yes, I am" I said and I stood up at the sound of my last name. I greeted her nervously.

"This way, please." The lady said, Escorting me into the Office.

I clutched onto the folder that contained my skills, qualifications and previous grade card tightly;

"Thank you" I muttered as she gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder before exiting the room quietly and shutting the door behind her.

I let out a nervous sigh before turning around to meet the man I'd seen all over Billboards, The internet, and Magazine for the first time in person.

"Name," He stated.

"Hello Mr. Smith, my name is Mia Lopez, I'm twenty years old and I just got my college degree." I said, smiling nervously at the man that was seated in a large leather chair behind a desk that almost took up the entire length of his office and was made of dark polished marble.

"Take a seat." He muttered, Still staring intently at his computer screen.

I nodded, even though I knew he wasn't going to be paying attention to my documents.

"Thank you." I took a seat in one of the black leather chair that were placed infront of  his desk. A few silent moments passed before his ocean blue eyes flickered in my direction briefly, and then he did a double take.

I felt my eyes widen slightly and I visibly swallowed from nervousness. Am I not wearing the correct formal clothing? Did he recognize me from somewhere or anywhere? Perhaps his Father probably told him about me. The nerves is creating the knot in my stomach became stronger and I felt the knot begin to expand and expand.

"Ms. Lopez, Was it?" He asked, Raising an eyebrow as his gaze slowly scanned my attire before coming back to meet my eyes with crooked smile.

I swallowed and nodded, Causing him to smirk and get out of his seat.

"Stand Up." His voice was commanding, demanding and quite authoritative.

I obeyed. I stood there for like a eight minutes as his penetrating eyes is studying me. I suddenly feel anxious and embarrassed towards this man. It feels like I'm naked and his intimidating eyes are preying me.

"What do you think of me?" He asked and raised an eyebrow. My nervousness was growing even more.

"Well, I don't know you that well to answer that question, Sir." I mumble. My breaths were out of control,

Well, Who was he? He is Troy Smith, A 23 year old Billionaire PLAYBOY who owns Smith Corp. The company his Father spent 20 years trying to succeed with. And now has 400 Hotels and 200 Malls World-wide. Not to mention, he has a notorious reputation to the woman of New York city. He is also known for having bedded all of his previous secretary which is quite scaring that it might happen to me. But no, it won't. I wouldn't probably passed in his taste. So, that's the good thing for me.

He suddenly moved closer, So close that I could smell the mixture of his cologne and aftershave he was wearing. He's looking down at me, I noticed that he was smirking down at me with his intimidating blue eyes. God! I don't know which the fact that he's staring me down like a lunatic and maniac or the fact that he has this kind of odd effect on me, which made my legs go jelly.

"Do I make you feel nervous?" He asked, Snaking an arm around my waist and pulling me towards his hardened torso. I flushed. Damn.

My eyes widen in shocked as I felt my cheeks turning scarlet and I inch my face back to put some distance between our close proximity.

"The job is what I'm really nervous about, Mr. Smith." I answered his question. He chuckled. He's taking joy of making me nervous and its pissing me off.

"But, your body says otherwise." He chuckled again, and this time he asked me with amusement in his face, as if what he's about to say is going to kill me.

"Do I turn you on?" He asked in husky voice and pressing our bodies even more closer than ever before. I jump away from him when he said the last word.


I cleared my throat and glared at him. "I dont think what you're asking me is in the context of my resume as to what this interview is all about. and your father said..." He trailed me off.

"Why look at a piece of paper when I have a beautiful lady standing in front of me? You know, The first time my father ever mentioned you to me a decade ago. I thought he just wants a daughter like you. Because you're smart and intelligent. But, right now I can totally understand why he was so eager to let you work here in my company. And, I wasn't talking about your stupid ass lame college grade card nor your moral certificate from the cheap college you studied." He chuckles deeply and eyes straight on me. "Do you always make him come? Just to pleased him? and right now you're planning to do the same to me? You have a nice ass, by the way." He said with a smirk.

I couldn't contain my anger anymore. I slapped his face as hard as i can but I think it wasn't enough for him, So i think of something else that would pissed him off.

"Do you know what I think of you now? I think you're some rotten little spoiled rich jerk who think he can always get what he wants. May I remind you that your father is not what you think he is, He's not a pervert, rude and disrepectful man like you. He's a man with honor and respect. I owe him big time, But he never attempt to do something stupid which you just did a few minutes ago. I don't know what you're trying to do, and it's below the belt. Now, If you excuse me, Mr. Smith if you dont want to look over my credentials and qualifications. Then, my business here is done. Thank you for your time." I snatched my resume laying on his desk then walked out of his office looking pissed.

By the time I reached the elevator, i heard a foot steps running after me.

"Uh, Excuse me, Ms.Lopez!" The old lady called out again, She was running so that she can catch up while I was about to press the button of the elevator. I turned around, I'm trying to hide the furious and flustered out of my face.

"Yes? Had I forgotten something?" I asked then mentally scanned my bag,

"Mr. Smith said that you are hired as his assistant." She said tryin' to hide her heavy breathing from running.

"Oh. You've got to be kidding. After all he just said to me." I asked

"You're gonna start tomorrow, But there are things i want to tell you about the things that he doesn't like and the things that he does. Meet me at my office. I have to go to the restroom." She pointed her room and disappeared  while I'm here still in shocked.

I think I have been just employed by a bi-polar and pervert of a boss. I don't know if how long I'm going to last here and I wonder how does that old lady still live to serve that asshole. Perhaps, he's only like that to his secretaries. Good luck to me.

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