I'm such an idiot to left my purse to Jane's car. If I didn't left it I wouldn't have to deal with Troy for staying at His place. Not to mention He's been arguing with me to sleep with him in one bed. Seriously this guy is wearing on my nerves again.

"Come on, Hop in. I'm not going to do anything." He teased. Waving his hand to me. I shot him a look Are you kidding me.

"Not a chance. Troy I would rather sleep on the floor than lay in the same bed with you." I said firmly.

"Oh come on. I told you million times I'm not going to do anything that you don't want me to." He said, "Please come in bed with me." He said desparetly.

Well, I can't argue with him forever but this guy is never gonna give up.

"Okay. But don't you dare try anything or I'll brake your bones." I warn him because I know the typical Guy like him, They would do anything for a Girl just to let them believe that they trustworthy then you wake up the next morning you find yourself NAKED. Yeah, I know about this story. I heard it from my college friend. She keeps on whining everyday and since that day. Her story carved in my brains.

"I promise you wont regret this." He said with annoying smirk in his face. "Oh I will totally regret this." I mumble and roll my eyes at him.

"Did you say something?" He said, "I said Good Night." I said sarcastically.

I woke up 5AM. I groaned when I noticed a hard arm around my waist. God, this guy will never learn. I faced him and examined his face. He have a beautiful face. he looks so peaceful, the annoying smirk leave his face. our face was inches away from each other. I gasp when his arm tightened around my waist.

" Would you stop staring and kiss me already?" He said, I quickly pulled away from. "Huh. Fat chance." I said through gritted teeth.

"You know someday You'll want me as much as I want you." He said with a smirk. Grrr. There goes the smirk again.

"If ever that happens, I'll call you." I said with a sarcasm. And I get up the bed.

"I know that you're not wearing a bra." He said. "How'd you know?" I asked.

"I can see your tits through my shirt. It's seethrough." He said and walked away from me. My jaw drop. I immediately grab my bra at the floor and wore it. DAMN YOU TROY SMITH!

When we got back at The Office I heard Troy's voice through the wall of my office. He's shouting and cursing, Damn he's furious rightnow. Then I heard Him called out my name "Mia, Come in here!." He shouted.

"Yes Sir?" I asked Him.

"Cancel all my appointments this Morning." He said while typing something into his phone.

"Anything Sir?" I ask. The door blow open with A redheaded girl who looks like a model. She jumped into Troy's Lap and giggle," I miss you baby." She said. Then Troy is starting to suck her throat. I feel nauseous all over me. "I guess not."I mumble to myself.

Even at my own office I can still hear her moans.

"Oh God!" I whisper to myself.


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