I've been waiting for this moment to come and right now I'm about to face the moment I've been waiting for 8 years.

My Mother died before I learn to remember her face, Aunt Chris took care of me when I was only a child, She's my Mother's Sister. When I turned 1 year old, She married a very nice man and they treat me like I was their own child.

When I finish my elementary, The Smith Corporation's CEO were pretty pleased at me because I was a  Valedictorian to our school batch. When he hand over to me my diploma and said, "Good job ,Kiddo. I wish I had a Daughter like you." He said it with a frowned. There was a sudden changed in his voice like he was stopping himself from crying.

"Thank you Sir, What's your name again?" I said with indescribable smile.

"Oh. My name's Michael Smith , I am the CEO of Smith Corporation and I would like to offer you a scholarship until you finish your college degree and with monthly allowances." Michael said. My mouth drop open for 30 seconds and i jump with excitement that you can't even imagine a girl can do.

"Oh my God! Are you serious? Will you slap my face? Because I can't believe it. Hey Mom, Did you heard what he said? He's offering me a bloody scholarship with Monthly allowances." I said, turning my direction to Aunt chris.

She walked towards us and said. "He did what??"

She said with a confused look. Then she turn her direction to Mr. Smith and said,

"Is that for REAL? Oh my God. Thank you so much Mr..." She said, dont know what to call Him, "Michael, Michael Smith." He said,

"Yeah, Thank you so much Mr. Smith. I dont even how to pay you in return." He said.

"I have a one condition." It took Aunt Chris five seconds to speak, "What is it?",

"She have to work in my company when she finished her college degree, That's all and Nothing more."

There was a long silent between them both, And finally Mom broke the silence,

" Deal.".