The Sweet Innocent

Mia Lopez is an extraordinary girl who have received a scholarship from a well known Billionaire Smith Corporation's CEO, Michael Smith. After She had finished her college Degree, She was ask to work at Smith Corp. It's the only way to pay her debt to Michael Smith.

Troy Smith is the son of Michael Smith and the current CEO of Smith Corporation. He's well known as the most young billionaire in the World, Owned a 350 Hotel World-Wide and a Playboy. He'd never been inlove because he was used to get what he wants, But when he met the extraordinary girl that will change everything in his life and his belief. Her innocent caught his attention. He had never chase after a girl before, But to Mia he will do everything he can, whatever it takes.

Let's see what would happen to the both of them. Let's see how they can stand the chemistry that they have for each other.


My Stories:

1. The Sweet Innocent (Complete)

2. Flames and Desire (Ongoing)

3. Vengeance - A One Direction Fanfiction (Ongoing)

4. Unforgettable Summer (Ongoing)

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