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5SOS and 1D BSM

Author: calumssquish

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This story is about 5sos and 1D BSM. There is mostly 5sos in the book. There are Also some MAGCON thrown in here too!

Chapter List

He tries to bathe you- 5sos Cashton

You accidentally hurt him- Niall Zayn and Louis

Your little and you like another member - 5sos (Lashton).

They scare you! (Carter and Hayes/Nash)

Not an update part 1/4

Not an upadate 2/4


Your little and you like another member - 5sos (Malum)

A keek he take of u (5SOS)

Your on ur period (ShawnJack and JackMatt)

You get punished in front of the band (1D)

your name in his phone (Magcon)

The first time u meet the band(1D)

You wet the bed (5SOS Cake)

He babysits you (MAGCON)

Important A/N

You little and you go to an iterveiw with the boys

He comforts you....

You like another another band member (Cashton)

Wisdom teeth (malum)

You get your ears pierced

Your guys favorite song (1D)

Snow day (5SOS)

you have a nightmare (Ziam)


You get lost/run off while hes watching you

You throw a tantrum in public

You have an attack

Your little and you run on stage



he asks u an inapropriate question

You defend him over twitter

He defends you over twitter

You repeat a bad word from another member (Cake)

You ask him an akward question and he gets in troubble

You think he likes ur twin more part 1 (5sos)

You think he likes yur twin nore (5sos) part 2

Poor Baby

You ask another member to teach u ti play their instrument.

Your nicknames for him


New Fanfics!!

Another A/N! Sorry

He comes home from tour and suprises you.(cake)

They come home from tour and suprise you.(Mashton)

A "fan" is mean to you.

A "fan" is mean to you (CAM no luke)