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Broken Hearts [Sample]

Author: sonysa

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This book has been published on 23rd July 2018. This is the sample of the complete book. The complete book is unavailable here.

Chase was a handsome young guy studying in NYU. His goal was simple, to achieve high GPA then take over his family's business. From the day he was born everything was planned for him by his mother and being the good son, he followed all the plans until one day his grandfather was rushed to the hospital.

He had always been very close to his grandfather, and he loved him. So, when his grandfather requested him to fulfill his last wish before death played its role, he agreed. But his grandfather's last wish left everyone shocked and destroyed every plan Chase's mother had made all these years. The wish was simple. He wanted him to marry his friend's granddaughter. Despite hating the idea of arranged marriage, Chase agreed to fulfill his grandfather's wish.

Hailey was a simple, innocent, and lovable girl with a horrible past imprinted on her mind and heart. She was called a freak, fat, and ugly. She received disgust-filled glances from her own sister and mother. Her mother even pushed her away because Hailey didn't act like her older sister, Emily.

Hailey lived all her life under the shadow of her sister, who was beautiful and wanted to become a model. Instead of trying to become like Emily, Hailey found her own escape, which was books. She would read and wait for her Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet. But when she agreed to get married to Chase Edwards on the request of her mother to save Emily from an arranged marriage, she didn't know that Chase was no Prince Charming.

Read "Broken Hearts" to know how Hailey ended up falling for the man that was no Prince Charming.

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A life changing decision

Did I make the right Decision?

Wedding Day

The Beginning of something new

My Dream Family


The stars shone brighter that night

My Nightmares

Meeting Cameron

He kissed me

Going to my first party

Who's this pretty girl?

Don't leave

Sore Muscles

Seeking Apology

Graduation Dinner (Part 1)

Graduation Dinner (Part 2)


The Darkness Consumed Me

I Felt Utterly Alone


Cameron And Allison

I'm going to live for him

Best Birthday Ever

Welcoming my baby

I thought you wanted me

Going back to my old life

Life Without Him

Life Without Her


Dinner invitation

Jealousy Hurts like A Bitch

I'm Not Losing Her Again

The Cabin

Celebrating Christmas


His Confessions

Then let's start the game

She is Mine

Telling Her The Whole Truth

It felt like a dream

My Very Personal Slave

Something I Wasn't Expecting


Love Me

Starting A New Life

Attending A Dinner

Disastrous Dinner

Never Leaving You Again

Taking A Risk

Except Unexpected

A surprise Blessing

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Bonus Chapter:Kate Expiation of Guilt

Bonus Chapter: Wedding Anniversary

Bonus Chapter: Birthday Gift

Bonus Chapter:Trouble in Paradise (1)

Bonus Chapter: T.I.P (2)

Bonus Chapter: Birthday Party

Mending Her Heart

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