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He was Almost Absorbed by the System

Author: Ebonsolaris

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Paralysed from the neck down after a serious accident and unable to pay for full body restoration, Kyan was sent into an Alien Archive to rescue the V.I.P's trapped within it's virtual records. However, unbeknownst to him, he is little more than real life cannon fodder, sent to die, so the V.I.P's could live. Dragged through the worlds recorded in the files, he is now on the brink of exhaustion and the System is almost ready to absorb what remains of him and replace him in the physical world. But just as he is due to complete his last mission, someone interferes...

(Potentially 18+) (b x b)

(Cover thrown together by me, rings found on internet, rest of image by me, if you think it sucks feel free to create me a better one!)

Chapter List


Chapter One - Loading Area

Chapter Two - One Last Mission

Chapter Three - The Boy who Saved Him

Chapter Four - This Mission's Not So Hard... Right?

Chapter Five - Discovering the Protagonist

Chapter Six - Cannon Fodder's Shrink

Chapter Seven - Playing Roughly

Chapter Eight - Speaking of Bullies

Chapter Nine - Not Into Sweat

Chapter Ten - Touched by A Snowflake

Chapter Eleven - Ending His Date

Chapter Twelve - What He Didn't Want

Extra - Shower Sex

Chapter Thirteen - To Live

Chapter Fourteen - The End and The Beginning

Chapter Fifteen - Meeting His Bride

Chapter Sixteen - Disappointingly Crafty

Chapter Seventeen - The Heir and the Witch

Chapter Eighteen - No Longer a Chef

Chapter Nineteen - My Destiny

Chapter Twenty - The Music Box

Chapter Twenty One - I Dream of You

Chapter Twenty Two - The Mission He Wanted to Complete

Chapter Twenty Three - Proposals of Marriage

Extra - Time For Tea

Chapter Twenty Four - Two Brides for Two Brothers

Chapter Twenty Five - Letter of Departure

Chapter Twenty Six - The Dam Shall Burst

Chapter Twenty Seven - The Other Man

Chapter Twenty Eight - Dance til Death

Chapter Twenty Nine - A License to Wish

Chapter Thirty - A Small Trap

Chapter Thirty One - Not Good With The Technical Stuff

Chapter Thirty Two - Engagements and Matchmakers

Chapter Thirty Three - School Festival

Chapter Thirty Four - Their Respective Dates

Chapter Thirty Five - Operation Find Wish! (And DJ Shang)

Chapter Thirty Six - Rushing to Meet You

Chapter Thirty Seven - Must Be a Dream

Chapter Thirty Eight - I Want To See You

Chapter Thirty Nine - Recommencing the Missions

Chapter Forty - Artful Confessions

Extra - When a Mummy Bot and a Daddy Bot...

Chapter Forty One - Walking To The Next Stage

Chapter Forty Two - The Wedding

Forty Three - Let's Play A Quick Game of Chess

Chapter Forty Four - People of the Wood, Earth and Stars

Chapter Forty Five - Curious Willow

Chapter Forty Six - Miner's Son

Chapter Forty Seven - Growing From Dusk to Dawn

Chapter Forty Eight - Training from Dawn to Dusk

Chapter Forty Nine - The Benefits of Best Friends

Chapter Fifty - The Trouble With Girls

Chapter Fifty One - Planning to Hunt

Chapter Fifty Two - Chasing Spring

Chapter Fifty Three - Planning to Love

Chapter Fifty Four - Planning to Capture You

Chapter Fifty Five - Meeting of Kindred Spirits

Chapter Fifty Six - Failing You

Chapter Fifty Seven - Into the Depths

Chapter Fifty Eight - The Most Special

Chapter Fifty Nine - All Shall Be Revealed

Chapter Sixty - Being With The Man I Love

Chapter Sixty One - Author of Change

Extra - In Summary So Far

Chapter Sixty Two - The Birth of Two Dragons

Chapter Sixty Three - Fire Burns, Water Flows

Chapter Sixty Four - Serpents Move Through Death and Birth

Chapter Sixty Five - The Crow is All Black