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Her Innocent Heart (Masoom Dil)

Author: BlissfullyElegant

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⚠️ Kidnapped Romance:

It was moonwashed night. Light was straining through deciduous trees. Running through the woods, I felt gleam of freedom, that made myself more brisk....


It hurt as I fell on the ground, that must be outer root of any old tree....

A sharp pain in my foot but I ignored and again started to run.

A lower bark of some tree hooked on my rustling veil as I was nonstop. It was torn with sound..


Branch made a peel in my skin too.
Running, running. I just ran. The cold air was shocking my throat and lungs as I inhale deeper, faster. After crossing many trees, I looked over my shoulder. No one behind but some howling thuds.

He must be wearing heavy boots. Compared to him I was bare feet.

Suddenly a dried tiny branch cracked beneath my foot. I winced as my sole got pierced, but continued my running that was now transformed into limping.

My heart was beating in my ears. I kept my unsteady pace with my lower lip clamped between my teeth.

I then bumped into may be a tree trunk and fell with thump. "Ouch!" With lowest groan I got up....but...

I saw the tall, broad figure was in the place of which I assumed the tree. I started backing away but a harsh tug on my scalp stopped me. He was having fistful of my hair with bitter scowl on his face. "Leave me!" I screamed as he started walking with same demeanor.

"Let go off me!" I yelled while punching in his stomach.

He left my hair at once. "Bitch! Keep quiet straight away." With this he flung, carried me on his shoulder. In the moonlight he was looking as fierce as a giant werewolf.

"Get me down!" I punched on his back, tried to dig my nails in his tough yet thick skin. He stopped, hauled me down.
I was laying shocked on dry foliage. Then he knelt beside and got on top of me.

"No!" I got pale.


An innocent Beauty...

And a famished Beast.

Warning! Grammar sucks

#1 in Spiritual many times. Alhamdulillah.

Chapter List


Chapter 1- Noor

Chapter 2 - Faraan

CHAPTER 3 - Bhai & Parlour Hunt

Chapter 4 - Beast met Beauty

Chapter 5 - Betrayal

Chapter 6 - Kidnapped

Chapter 7 - Fate

CHAPTER 8 - Miseries

Chapter 9 - Shhh..Chup

Chapter 10 - Ruthless

Chapter 11 - Rape?

Chapter 12 - Rock star Beast

Chapter 13 - Escape

Chapter 14 - Wild Chase

Chapter 15 - Unavoidable innocent

Chapter 16 - Virtue

Chapter 17 - Poisonous Apple

Chapter 18 - Deal

Chapter 19 - Who Faraan?

Chapter 20 - Bride Seeing

Chapter 21 - In his Arms

Chapter 22 - Hug & Depart

Chapter 23 - Noor-e-Faraan

Chapter 24 - May I?

Chapter 25- I Won't Leave You Tonight

Chapter 26 - Ballroom Dance Fainting

Chapter 27 - Beast's Brutality

Chapter 28 - Broken Glass & Pain

Chapter 29 - Divorce

Chapter 30 - Slap & Run

Chapter 31 - Shelter Home

Chapter 32 - First Kiss?

Chapter 33 - Hospitable Beast

Chapter 34 - Shopping

Chapter 35 - A Forcible Selfie

Chapter 36 - Turning the Lips Pink

Chapter 37 - Uhh...Spanish!!

Chapter 38 - Mirror, Mirror.. On The Wall

Chapter 39 - Insomniac Beast

Chapter 40 - Cupid Bow

Chapter 41 - Royal Blue Bangles & Farmhouse

$$$$$Bonus chapter$$$$$

Chapter 42 - Singaporean Rice Vs Biryani

Chapter 43 - Wedding

Chapter 44 - Wedding Night

Chapter 45 - Bride of the Beast

Chapter 46 - Vampire?

Chapter 47 - Milk Moustache

Chapter 48 - Bubble Bath

Chapter 49 - Seducción

•°♥Golden Jubilee Chapter♥°•

Chapter 51 - Glow & Guns

Chapter 52 - Espresso Froth!!

Chapter 53 - Beauty Kissed?

Chapter 54 - Baby's Day Out

Chapter 55 - Periods & Playful Moods

Chapter 56 - FireFlies & Hut Kiss

Chapter 57 - Petrichor & Burning Tobacco

Chapter 58 - His Ego, Her Innocence ~Who's Gonna Win

Last♥Chapter - NooRaan

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🔆Bonus Chapter🔆


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