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Human Pet

Author: LunarUnity

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I heard low, strangely garbled voices from the other room, rubbing my head. I knew where I was, just not sure which room. I fumbled my fingers around in the tight cloth wrapped around them, the fabric stained from the filthy surfaces I sat on, cold and bare. I tucked in my legs against my chest, facing he wall. The two figures stepped in, one 12"4 sleek shapeshifter and one 10"7 demon, his red horns and tail not complementing the blue tips on his dark hair. The shapeshifter took the keys from his pocket, making strange noises to the demon.

Kallen's POV:
"and here is the oldest that has sur-I mean, lived here.." The shapeshifter took the keys from the back pocket of his skinny jeans, fitting his long legs tightly. "This one has lavender mane and green eyes, she is very obedient and tough, could be used as a guard." he said, leaning into the small cage, picking them up and holding them.
"is that mane natural?" I asked, leaning forward to feel it, it was slightly rough, but thick with a nice color, probably just needed a wash.
"sir," the shapeshifter chuckled "this is a purebred store, we manually dye the human's hair to look nicer, if you'd like us to change the color it will cost $10" he smirked, holding the human closer, and her squirming in his arms.
"oh, I don't want the hair color changed, no.." I paused, wanting to get a discount in some way "she does seem like a bit of a runt, doesn't she?" I asked, smirking and cutting him off "humans are usually 5"10 at child age, this one's 5"1"
The shapeshifter seemed stunned for a moment, squinting "$5, fine, but I can believe how cheap you demons are.." he grunted, setting down the human and tying a rope to their neck, pulling them along.

and then she was sold.