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Author: wordsy_Soph

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Number 61082 is a slave. A human. Being sold was the only constant in her life; the only thing that was certain. Getting bought family that doesn't abuse her is surprising, especially when she starts to fall in love with their son. But as happy days disappear, 61082 realizes the true horrors that that lie within being a human slave.

"Captivating, heart wrenching...the Humans series has it all: Romance, betrayal, heartbreak, dystopia, and war in a sequence that keeps the reader glued to their phone."
-Bralynn Newell

"If you want a pleasingly cliché love story about to normal people in a normal world, don't read Humans. If you want a love story about to forbidden lovers of two different races that overcome the obstacles in their way, read Humans. Humans is an amazing book: The author has a fantastic vocabulary and plot line, and everything is described so well that it is easy to get lost in this book and read for hours without knowing. This story reached me so deeply and I cannot wait to continue reading this series."

"Okay okay...
I love this book so much because it's not the stereotypical dystopian book. It has an amazing backstory with characters that seem so realistic you'll fall in love with them instantly. Especially Baby. I want everyone to know that this book, bless the author, is truly the best thing you will ever come across. I am addicted to this newly found adventure called Humans."